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pre-natal belly

I had a C-section two months ago but I lost the baby. My tummy is still flabby. The doctor says i can't do any hard exercise to lose the jellybag until i'm properly healed. I don't know when to start or how to get rid of the it and the type of exercise or therapies. I feel really embarrassed and depressed especially because i have nothing to show for it.  I know i'll feel better emotionally and get over my loss quicker if i can get my pre natal body back. Any workable suggestions?
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I dont have any suggestions other than ask your doctor what you are capable of doing.
So sorry for your loss. That must be so tough.
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Since you can't do anything too difficult, try starting with some walking. When your doctor says it's okay, do some pilates to strengthen your muscles again too :) I'm very sorry for your loss and hope you find the comfort you need. God bless you...
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I'M so sorry for your loss too. I remember a midwife saying to me, remember how long it took for your belly to get like that...expect it to take the same length of time to get it back how it was. You've nothing to be embarrassed about, you've been unfortunate and are really strong to be coping as well as you are. If your dr says it's ok, sleeping on your belly can help.
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Not to sound like a broken record, but I'm really sorry to hear that too, hun... My heart breaks for you.  

Unfortunately there's not much you can do yet, until your abdominal wall, muscles, uterus, and fascia and skin have had time to fully and completely heal.  Unlike some other health situations that require "time to recoup", this is a lot more than that.  

You have to think of it in literal terms.  In having a C-section, your entire abdominal cavity was cut open and exposed, and then the same was done for another organ inside that cavity (your uterus).  So a few certainties must be in place:
1. Your uterus MUST shrink back down and be well below your pelvic bone (or any ab muscle contractions can seriously injure it)
2. Your muscle fibers (if they were cut through) have to be completely repaired (or you risk painful and permanent tearing that can leave those muscles crippled for life).  
3. Beyond that, not just your external skin, but something call the fascia (fash-uh) that sort of "tissue layer" under the skin was cut through.  When you got "closed up", it wasn't just sewing your skin back together---the fascia has to be closed too.  So you've got a double layer that must be 100% healed before you can strain your abs (or your risk ripping them open and requiring emergency surgery to save your life).

So while it's incredibly frustrating, especially when you are dying to get up and DO something to start feeling better, some things just can't be done yet.  You can, however, begin getting yourself prepared for when that time comes and you will be able to really push yourself back into the shape you are happy with.  First, find out when your doctor believes you will be ready.  Then, get a second objective opinion.  

You can immediately start with cutting caloric corners---even if you already eat healthy, find ways to eat just a little healthier, just a few less calories.  This will start thinning out that layer of fat that you want to lose (though diet alone wont do it all).  Then begin minimal cardio work, to prepare your heart and circulatory system (this should actually increase your rate of recovery---i.e. shorten your healing time).  

I don't want to sit here and dump all my advice on you and go through a lengthy program of some kind in this thread---I feel like I've probably pushed too much on you already.  But if you want to talk, just send me a message---I'm happy to help.  I've been working out through years, through all manner of physical hardship, and I'd be happy to share what I know with you.  

Keep up that desire, hun.  It's the most important factor.  That drive, that itch, that hunger to get back to where you want to be, back to feeling great.  Always hang onto a little dissatisfaction---it's what keeps pushing us to be better.

- Jess
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So sorry for you loss.

I had a C-Section and 6 weeks later the military had me doing a 3 mile run.  It hurt like hell!!!!  I weighed 130 when I found out I was pregnant and weighed 186 when I had him.
I would like to tell you that it goes away but I never got my same body back.  I even got down to 115 pounds and my stomach was still bigger than it was when I was 130.  It's so frustrating I know.  My goal was that I just wanted to be comfortable in T-Shirts without the buldge.  It took me about 6 months.
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i had c-section and gained 35lbs during pregnancy, and 1 month after delivery i lost most of the weight. 2 months later, i got my body back. no flabby belly other than than c-section scar. 4 months later, i was pregnant again. i am now 8 weeks pregnant and still continue to lose weight.

i have one advice, walk and get your muscle going whenever you can. i walked and shop 3 days after my c-section. i do most of the house chores few days after my-csection.trust me, it helps.i dont cut back on any calaries because i know i need most of them to heal.
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