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preggo with paragard?

quick question for anyone using paragard...just got mine about 4 weeks ago. anyone ever get preggers on it? feeling nauseated at different times for no good reason the last 4 days and its starting to worry me!
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I just got mine today. xP I do know the odds of pregnancy are it are very slim. Like a .6% chance. Is it possible you could just be coming down with something?
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it is possible, lol i suppose anything is at this point!  although i have never had a tummy bug drag out like this, or have so many similarities associated with morning sickness. it is truly a very distinctive feeling! it comes and goes, feels like motion sickness, more intense when stomach is empty, and also at certain smells. i really feel like i would be more suprised at a negative pregnancy test than a positive. only thing that makes me think otherwise is the fact that ive also been spotting the last few days...
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Well. If you are pregnant it's more likely to be Ectopic than anything. I do indeed know the difference you mean. I thought I had it too. Turns out it was self caused by nerves and fear. See a doctor for a blood test. If you are pregnant they need to treat you.
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semi confirmed. hpt says positive... my friends says get to a doc asap, because the iud will have to come out?
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It could be, the paraguard is not 100% effective,  Ive heard that is like 95%.  My friend just had a baby born with it in the placenta... Did you get a HPT before the Paraguard?
Oh, and your daughters are beautiful!
Best of luck!
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hey Tasha!! Did I read right?? you got a BFP on a hpt??? Wow!! Maybe you had got pregnant right before you had the IUD placed??
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thanks johannaviles! hi blueeyedtabbycat! yes, you read correctly lol I am in shock, I am (was) done having children. I only had the thing inserted 3 weeks ago... funny how things work out. I am expecting a period at the END of this month. I still want blood drawn though I am not convinced. I have taken 3 hpts today hahaha 1st was faint but very clear. next was fainter still. 3rd was negative so I am not sure what to think.
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i would call your dr and have him get you in i have heard of girls getting pregnant on the parguard i had it for a 8 months and absolutely hated it my periods were running together i had no time in between and now thats its out my cycles are normal again you couldn't pay me to put that back in but let us know what you find out
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I am currently 7 wks pregnant on paragard! Doctors wont remove iud because the strings are in my cervix and there is risk of miscarrage. Leaving it in actually has greater risks so I guess I just have to wait and see.

Might as well throw a penny up there and wish for the best!!!!!!!!!
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i got the paraguard in febuary and i had my painful periods and horrible cramping but i feel like this weird feeling in my stomache sometimes. me and my husband use condoms but here are times we dont! my son is 6 months old. i think its been a month since A/F what do you think?
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Doubt it pregnancy. You wouldn't be feeling anything this early in your stomach and since paraguard is non-hormonal you can have irregular cycles. If you are concerned take a test.
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