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Hi I have some questions. My 1st question is that my friend was getting "fingered" and when she was reaching climax, she started to bleed. What does that mean? My other question is that can rubbing genitals get you pregnant even though you don't put it in? My next question is that even though you don't put it in, can sperm travel into your vagina and get you pregnant? My next question is how effective are condoms? Please reply to me as soon as possible so I can tell my friend answers
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If your friend is that close to the "real deal" She should take appropriate precautions.
Condoms are excellent for preventing pregnancy and preventing sexually transmitted diseases.  They are nowhere close to 100% however, and your friend should really consider something stronger that SHE can control like birth control pills.  Has your friend talked to her mom about all this?

If your friend is not comfortable with having this discussion with her parents, the folks at Planned Parenthood are really cool.  Your friend can act now to save herself a lot of future grief, and I suggest that she do it!

Maybe you could go with her--for support!

Dr B
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Hi there,
I don't know why your friend bled when she was being "fingered" as you've put it, possibly because the person doing it to her was too rough and has possibly broken her hymen which normally breaks when you have sex for the first time.
To answer your second question, no, it is unlikely that you could get pregnant by rubbing genitals together unless the penis is inside the vagina.  Sperm can travel into the vagina if your parter ejaculates and then puts his penis inside, as there may be residual sperm left... but I'm not a doctor and it's best your friend goes to one...
Condoms are effective but there's always a chance you could still fall pregnant...

My advice is, if you don't want to fall pregnant then don't have sex... and if you must, do the right thing and go to your Doctor first...  sex can seem all fun and games in the moment but there are realities to your friends actions, the last thing you or your friend want is a teen or unwanted pregnancy, as it can lead to all sorts of trouble...

Best wished and God bless..

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