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If you have a period while pregnant what would a pt read while bleeding????
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I have had a period while pregnant but my tests, even while bleeding were negative. I don't know if bleeding causes any effect to the tests but I started testing before I even had my period cuz I knew I was pregnant and they were all negative until a while after I had my period. Okay geting out the calendar now because I really don't know exact time frames unless I use it.......Okay I was 3 weeks pregnant when I started my period. I knew I had to be pregnant and started testing about 4 or 5 days before that period. Then the period came so thought maybe I wasn't pregnant. But it was extremely light and not a normal period so I kept testing through that period. I had taken four tests during that time all together. By then I was 4 weeks pregnant. I decided to wait to see if my period would be normal. Waited for about a week and when I never got heavy bleeding took another test. It was positive and I had two more tests to make sure I really was because I was shocked...............So during my bleeding my tests were negative but I have no clue if the tests were off because I was bleeding or not. i don't know if this helps at all but thought I'd throw my story out there so maybe you can have an idea.........I don't know.
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thanks a lot, I`m having a period and I am five weeks and at first the test was very faint when I took it when I first started to bleed and I took another one and it was negative it don`t feel like i had a misscariege or anything I just don`t know whats going on and I was thinking it takes time for hcg to clear out of your systen it would`nt be negative that soon I don`t think......
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any form of bleeding in pregnancy needs to be checked out medically immediately.
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I bled for 5 weeks of my pregnancy and got a + pregnancy test every single time. Blood does nothing to affect the results of a test since it tests for a hormone in your pee which is also found in your blood. If you take a pregnancy test and it reads negative but you believe you're pregnant odds are your hormone hasn't reached the level for it to be detected yet. If you tested positive, bled, and then got a negative result the prognosis isn't good. Contact your doctor immediately you need to be checked out.
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i went to the er a few weeks ago. and there where a couple of ladies in there and we where chatting. any way one lady went in a came out in shock. she said how can i be pregnant. she said my period just went off and it was normal heavy flow five days... as she waited on the results. the dr told her she was five weeks. she was shocked... so u can bleed. it's just all about ur hormone level she had hcg blood test... and the vaginal sonogram...good luck.
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Bleeding is common but if the HPT was + and is now - then chances are you had a chemical pregnancy. This is so common. It is assumed that at least 70% of conceptions end in chemical pregnancy. This is why it is recommended not to take the early HPT's. Most chemical pregnancy's will show before AF is missed and the miscarriage happens around when AF is due. Sometimes the miscarriage can be later but to be chemical it has to happen before a heartbeat could be detectable. Most women that have chemical pg never know it. They just thought AF was late a few days. This early, there usually isn't any symptoms except maybe cramps that would be attributed to AF.
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