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pregnant, but no symptoms??? brown spotting.

hey girls!  i'm very nervous because i'm pregnant, but don't feel like it!  i'm exhausted, but besides that, nothing!  with my daughter, i was puking daily starting at 5 weeks and my boobs hurt so bad i thought monkey's were swinging from them!!  this time i just feel sleep deprived.  i'm about 6.5 weeks.  i had brown spotting today, which i had with my daughter.  i wouldn't worry about it except i fear something is wrong because of no symptoms...  anyone else have this?
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I haven't been able to read through the all of the posts, so I hope the answer to your original question will suffice!
It is fairly common to have no pregnancy symtoms and also to have brownish spotting at 6 weeks.  With my pregnancies I always got sick promptly at 7 weeks, and everyone, of course, is different!
If you were my patient, I would ask you to come in for a transvaginal ultrasound to confirm dates and viability.  By the time you are six weeks, we should be able to see a gestational sac, and yolk sac, and hopefully even a fetal pole +/- heart beat.
Certainly if you have any red bleeding, you should call your doctor.
I hope all goes well!
Dr B
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Well, Every pregnancy is different! I am sure you are Fine!! Congrats !!
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sadly, now i have some pinkish red blood mixed in.  i think i'm miscarrying.  never happened to me before so i'm clueless and scared to death.  i'm waiting to hear back from my doctor.  the secretary wants me to talk to him before i make an appointment to come in.
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Congrats on your pregnancy, good luck on the call... I havent had any pos preg test.. but have been having similar spotting, more like a mucus with bright red blood & brownish stuff.. I am confused, but will be seeing my DR on Friday. I cant wait, we've been trying to conceive for 6months now!
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I hope that everything works out for you.  You never really know whether it is bad or not because they say it is not uncommon to bleed when you are pregnant.  Keep us updated and good luck to you!
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cruzbaby, thank you!  i haven't had brown spotting in 16 hours (after having it for 4 days!).  i'm discouraged because i had u/s yesterday and they saw sac but no fetal pole, but i'm hoping so much that i'm closer to 5wks6days or 6wks rather than 7 like i originally thought.  holding on to as much hope as i can!  still limited preg symptoms though :-(

caralea, how did your appointment go?  best of luck to you!
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Hi krissy,
Prayers are with you that the baby is there and growing! I've been having brown and some pink spotting since about 5 dpo and now I'm either 12 or 13 dpo, got a - test this morning and more brown spotting still! I'm so worried now about what is going with me as I've never had any mid-cycle spotting before. I have some symptoms, fatigue, sore breasts, and I had cramps with the spotting all along which is also a bit strange. I was hoping it was from implantation, but now I'm just confused. Do you think I tested too early?? Guess I'll have to wait it out over the weekend now and see what happens....
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keep postitive and good luck x
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Hey! my boyfriend has notice my mad mood swings and feeling low and they are worse than normal pmt and have been getting really headachey. it could be that im stressed with work and coursework deadlines, however i have started taking the pill in the last month. i was told that breast tendernes was normal but they have been like it for a couple of weeks. i waited for my period to come but i was 3 weeks late and around the time i was due to come on i started spoting and then 3 weeks late r had my period but it only last 4 days when its normally around 7. a month on and i am waiting for my period again and have had light spotting on and off for a week. i misscarried a year ago and my periods have never been the same since sometimes they are on time but sometimes there not. but now i have random bleeding to :s. i dont want to tell my boyfriend because i dont want to worry him as we lost the last baby please help me. could i be pregnant? x
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hey girls just wondering if anyone is having the same problems that i'm having? i had my period on Dec 21/09 but it was really light, i have been spotting every since then it comes and goes. could i be pregnant? i have had irregular periods and want to have a baby and suggestions?
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I am NOT pregnant nor ovulating on my own. Since I have only been spotting, the DR did do an annual test, blood and urine. I unfortunately was 2 days late to start Clomid this round... = (    'Sad face'

He told me I was on the right track and to not give up. All the BBT, charting and what not has been a good clue for my DR to help me, he knows what I have already done for the last 6 months trying. Hopefully the 1st round is the only round we need to get a BFP.

He gave me Provera to take for 10 days anytime I'd like in the next 20-60days to boost my uterine wall and force my body to have a cycle or I can wait as long as I'd like before I start the tests. Then on day 5 of the cycle start the clomid for 5 days, then I should start taking OPKs and see if the clomid worked and if I can target the big O and do the BD on that day and 24-48hrs after.

What a mess I am. I am glad to know what to do.. but I am confused on when I should start the Provera, since I am still spotting today? I wanted to conceive in Feb for a November baby. But it may end up being March before I get the chance..

In addition to this info, he will NOT do VBACs and that mkes me very sad. But I know if this is what is best- I should shut up and be happy I will get a precious baby.

No insight on the PreSeed lube, so we may just try to go natural for the best chances.

I am sortta bummed after all that excitement for the appointment- I am broken!

If I missed anything- ask, I am lost!
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aw, sorry to hear that!  time to get started on next cycle ;-)  charting is the BEST!!  this pregnancy was a surprise, we weren;'t going to try till later this year, but with my daughter, i charted and it was a huge help and i think the reason why i got pregnant pretty quick.  knowing your body and your cycle is a huge part of the battle!  

i don't know much about clomid or provera but wish you the best of luck!  i hope you get your nov/dec holiday baby ;-)  what a great time of year to have a child.  my daughter was due sept.5, had her 10days late on the 15th and this baby is due sept.6!  

i found a doctor to perform vbac.  i'm nervous about it, but don't want to do a csection again if i can help it.  last one ended in emergency csection due to her having her cord wrapped around her neck and arms.  

preseed lube, huh, never heard of it!  

update on me:  no spotting in 29 hours.  i refuse to obsess over it...i'm hoping for the best, but am scared to death!  will just have to wait 4 long days to my dr appt!

lots of baby dust to you :-)
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I have been charting BBT and CM and AF.. hopefully I can figure out what my body is doing since I am so irregular. I will continue and be doing the OPKs after the cycle after provera.

I would love a VBAC, so I may talk to the other DR in town that is okay with doing them and see if I am a good canidate. I'd love one. My son had th cord wrapped around him and that is why my first was a c-sec. I wouldnt repeat that again if I had to.

Lots of luck.. glad your spotting has stopped- hope mine does. I have been spotting for 10days.
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thank you so much for your response!  i've never actually had a doctor respond to my messages on here and truly appreciate your time.  

after 4 days of brown spotting, i haven't had anymore issues.  however, i did have a transvaginal u/s done (i think right at 6 weeks) and they saw a sac, no fetal pole.  they said it may still be too early.  i hope they are right!  i'm nervous it may be a bligtened ovum.  i see my doctor in 2 days and it's been the longest week ever!

do you think i'm okay since there is no more spotting and never had any red blood?  thanks again for your response.  
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I have always been a heavy bleeder during my cycle, I had what I thought was a period, but it was light. I then had some spotting which has never happened before for about 4 days, then it stopped. The spotting started up again about 5 days after it stopped the first time. I assumed I was pregnant, and my breasts were sore. I took a pregnancy test on Christmas (which my husband playfully wrapped) The test that I took was positive. A week later I had some bleeding, which was scary, so I went to emergency, and was told that I was about 6weeks. I had a follow-up appt 14 days later with my OB, (due to scheduling conflicts otherwise it wouldnt have been that long). I was told I am definitely pregnant, but when I had the ultrasound done the day after, the Dr said he couldn't find a heartbeat. An "incomplete miscarriage" it was called. He said I should be scheduled for a D&C if I don't "pass the fetus in a couple of days". Honestly, I am getting a second opinion, just to make sure, and I have the symptoms as though I am still pregnant. The news at first was unimaginable. But something is telling me in my mind that there is still hope, call me crazy. I want to weigh out my options before I have any regrets...
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Anyone that is only into the first 6 weeks of pregnancy you should always seek second opinions if you are unsure of testing.  I have had three miscarriages in the last year and I am now 13.5 weeks pregnant.  With this pregnancy I have had five ultrasounds so far.  The first three I measured the same gestation each week at being 6 weeks.  It turns out that the first sono I was only fours weeks, the next five weeks, and then final 6 weeks.  That's when the heartbeat showed up.  When this pregnancy first started I was told that I was most likely miscarrying.  I would also request for progesterone levels to be checked because if they are low early on, it can lead to miscarriage.  The progesterone will help support the development of the baby until the placenta takes over at about 9-12 weeks.  
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i agree with the progestrone.  i had a level of 12.5 with my daughter and was given suppositories early pregnancy.  this preg, at 5 wks my level was 11!  my new dr. says that progestrone doesn't do anything and that it's a controversal subject among doctors and won't prescribe it to me.  i'm annoyed with this and plan to talk to him again this week at my u/s appt.
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hey im 19 years old and my husband and i want to have a baby we had sex on my ovulation day and everyday after! but this hole month i havent been feeling well my breasts hurt one i can milk its weird and the other is alittle brown i should have gottin my period the   21 or the 22 but it didn't come till the 23 its been 4 days now and my period blood is brown on my pad and it has been brownish the whole time iv had it! it was also alittle brown on my tampon to! its almost gone now! what does this mean?could i be pregnant?
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hey guys,, i read lot of articles or even forums regarding this brown spotting.. well i wanted to share my experience.. me and my bf had sex on friday and now its saturday.. i am very happy that i have my menstruation already!.. cause i am not definitely ready to be a mother.. when we had sex.. he loose his control and there has a little amount of semen left in my cervix.. a drop i think... that's what he said.. so when i knew that,, i was very stressed and worried.. :(
signs and symptoms that i had experienced:

1. mild cramping on my right lower abdomen..

2. brown spotting and red spotting yesterday friday.. (i knew it when we had sex yesterday, there has a sticky mucus attached to his penis, and when i looked at it.. there's blood,,,, i thought it was the implantation bleeding! but heck no..) iwas very worried..

3. until now im experiencing mild cramping(i think this is appendicitis, but im not sure)

4. breast tenderness..

5. i did not experienced nausea.vomiting...

6. nose bleeding..

7.. no frequent urination...

8. back pain until now/...

9. elevated temperature..

10. i am irregular so i dont know what is my exact date to menstruate..

if you are trying to have unprotected sex, you should think first!.. i had sex 7th day after i felt the mittelschermz.. so ithink i am infertile back then..

in our relationship,,  withdrawal and condom are the things that we use as our contraception.. don't be worry,, just patiently wait for your menstruation,, and if your preggy accept the baby,, your partner will be there to support you,,
but honestly,, having a baby is very hard.. :(
so now we will gonna be more careful..
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the saturday that i an saying is today,, and then last week of friday is that day when i expeienced 6 days of mild cramping.. until today..
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Hi i have just read ur post's an was wondering how u got on at ur u/s as im 5 weeks pregnant but with very little symptoms an im a little worried, i was havin cramps/pains in the belly for about 5 days not bad one's but they have stopped now an i dont have a scan till 3 weeks time.
Many thanks for ur time x
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Hi Krissy

Sorry to hear you are going through this right now but felt I need to share my experience.

I had an ultra sound last tuesday that confirmed I was 5 weeks and 3 days pregnant and we were over the moon.

Sunday morning I noticed a dark brown discharge when I wiped myself after going to the loo and the contined all sunday.   By monday I started noticing bits of red blood aswell and yetserday started cramping and losing proper blood and very small clots although I have to say not as much as a period but clearly something was wrong.  Yesterday afternoon I was having bad pains and I passed something that clearly was n't a clot but more like a mass of tissue and I knew I'd miscarried but I still had a little bit of hope.

I had an ultra sound this morning which has confirmed I've miscarried and have been told to let nature run its course as there was just a small amount of blood and clotting in my uterus.  

Devastated is n't the word.  I'm hoping you get a positive outcome from your experience

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Krissy just wanted to add

I've had 4 previous pregnancies with which I suffered severe sickness morning till night from conception till birth and was really very unwell but with this one that has ended up in a miscarriage I haven't felt sick once or really had any signs of pregnancy and I did think to myself a few weeks ago I wonder if that means something is wrong  however today after my miscarriage my breasts feel so sore and I dont know why.
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i got my period and it lasted for 2days then it went brown for a few more days! i havent been feeling well and i took a test and it was negitve! if i am i should be at least 6 weeks now! could i still be pregnant?

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