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prego with a infant and a toddler

My son is two years old. 29 months. So almost two and a half. Recently, 3 times..within the last two weeks, he's Pooped in his diaper and poured in on to the carpeted floor and played in it. Each time was within less than a ten min time alone in his room. It's so gross to me having to deal with this being I'm 32 weeks pregnant. It's discusting anyways! I'm not sure why he's doing this, Ive been telling myself maybe its him trying to show me he doesn't want to deal with a poopy diaper any more..so I haven't spanked him for it. Or yelled. I just cleaned him up and explained its nasty and we can't just poop everywhere and play with it. That poop is garbage from your body and it can make you sick. I first bought him a kids stepstool/potty when he was 11 months. I tried so hard to have him at least day time potty trained by two years old. That didn't happen. I'm so scared to force it on him because I've researched it and they say it will make them not want to do it and they will refuse. He's only used his potty maybe 3 times since I bought it. But he always tries to sit on it to peepee he just never does. He did poop in it one day but won't do it again. I love my boy and I want what's best for him..I don't want to scare him from using the big potty or his potty but I'm ready for him to be done with diapers. New taught my one year old to take his diaper of as well and I just don't want all these things to be happening from two babies I'm about to have a little girl and really just don't need it. Any advise on how I can rush train him or fix the situation?
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I have a two and a half year old and a one and a half year old plus pregnant and both my sons do it but they do it first thing in the morning when they wake up its sooooo gross I've been making sure I keep clothes in them that they can't take off like onsies or footy pajamas so they can't take their diapers off, I'm trying to get my oldest to potty train its just soo hard
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It really is. I feel like I've been trying forever. I try to get their dad to take the oldest with him when he pees so he can pee in the potty. But he's kinda weirded out by it. He will barely take him. N I don't pee the way boys pee so I can't teach him..only tell him. My mom thinks its too early..but Idk. I don't want three kids in diapers...
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Hi, You ladies need to try rewarding your sons, try a sticker chart and tell him if he pees or poops on the potty he will get a sticker, I also used chocolate buttons with my kids, every time they did a wee they would get a chocolate button, a poop was a bigger reward, a button and a sticker...I also told them that once they were dry all through the day, no accidents (a good few weeks down the line) they could choose a toy from the toy shop. Took my eldest 3 children one week each to potty train when they were 2 and 6 months. Having nice weather helps too, you don't want little ones wetting themselves when out and about and it's freezing cold, that's not nice. I always potty trained in the warm weather. I then did the same again with being dry at night, my daughter was dry night and day by 4 1/2, my 2 older boys were dry night and day at 2 and 6 months. I'm hoping my now 17 month old son will be the same as his 2 older brothers!
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When he did use it I did. But I can't reward him for somthing GWS not doing. That's why I'm on here asking about it.
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I have a daughter who is 3 but shes been potty trained since she was 2. I started taking her to the potty at 18 months every 30 min. Id just sit her on her little potty and tell her to go pee pee and have her sit there while i went. Sometimes she would go, most of the time she didn't but the more times we did this, the more she started going. When she did go, id get soo excited and give her a lil piece of candy or a cookie or something. Id scream yay! And tell her how good she did. I also completely took her out of diapers during the day, just big girl panties. She had a lot of accidents at first but she  caught on pretty fast cuz she didn't like that feeling in her pants when she pottied on herself. They are so used to a diaper that when they go in it, it feels normal but when they go in regular underwear they can tell. As far as at night, i put her in a onesie or a zip up sleeper, something she couldn't just pull off and take her diaper off. It takes time but just be patient and consistent. Good luck!
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my son just turned 2 this month and hes half way potty trained lol. the only time my son seems t remember to use the potty is if he is walking around naked if he has a diaper on he will just pee in the diaper. me my husband and my daughter take turns taking my son to the bathroom for right now i just want him to use the potty so he sits to pee the way we got him to like using the toilet is we make.a big deal when he pees/poops in the toilet everyone in the house clapps and congratulates him... that how we do it
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I potty trained my daughter when she was one. It was a hassle, but so worth it! When do you girls plan on potty training? :)
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My son is three and i potty trained him at about 29months. I just bought the potty seat when he was two and set it in the bathroom and everytime me kr my bf went potty we would explain it to him. Then when he started showing interest i bought big boy undies and stayed home for a week and went without diaper except at night. He caught on quick except for pooping. We bought dum dum suckers and called them poop suckers lol and then he started pooping on the toilet it was amazing. I tried the sticker thing before the suckers and he didnt understand it and really didnt care.. Put candy infront of the kid and viola lol. The noght time took a few weeks to get down but eventually he didnt want to wear diapers. And yes had plenty of nasty accidents along the way but he never has accidents now so im glad thats over with. I feel ur stress it seems like it will take forever but a few wks of being on top of it with no diapers should work
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I started potty training my girls at 1 once they started to walk well on their own. I used a similar method as Sarahdawn1990 every 30 min. Of course I was a stay at home mom so it was time consuming but only took about a month for them to get used to it during the day and night. I kept a potty in their room at first to help them with night time trips. By 20 months no accidents night or day.
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So I should just buy some undies for him? And just go from there...hmm. ok. I think that's y he takes off his diaper cuz he don't like to feel the poop
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I've always heard its harder for boys. I've been sitting him on his potty since he was one.
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Yeah just buy underwear. I bought panties for my daughter instead of getting her pull ups. It's still really time consuming, but so worth it. Especially now that I'm pregnant, I don't have to be after her as much.
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Yeah. I don't want to change three diapers at a time and I'm 32 weeks and 4 days. So I am going to buy some Monday. And hopefully right at or soon after he will be good. He's very stubborn. But I got my fingers crossed.
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Just be patient, it's gonna take some time
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It might sound gross but I did the bare bottom method with my twins of course we did not potty train till three,but it took no time at all. I think when they are ready they will let you know. The treats help also staying consistent and on top of it. We use to read books to them on the potty to help them relax and go. Then we would celebrate.
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I tried with my son around 2 and he would pee on the potty but it wast consistent. I was also working fulltime and found it hard to find the yime. I waited untul my son was ready to be potty trained and for us it was when he turned 3. It took me 2 weeks and he was fully potty trained with no accidents. The hardest part was pooping! He was terrified. I used potty treats so everytime he went pee he got a treat and poop was a bigger treat like a small car or crayons and colouring book (stuff from dollar store). I took diapers away except for nighttime and took him on little outtings so he would get used to using other toilets as well. Just.be patient and when hes ready he will start pottying. Boys always take longer then girls.
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