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preterm labor :(

Went to doctors this morning after calling then and keying them know about done symptoms I was having over the weekend and she said I've got all the signs of preterm labor. Through me off bc I had no idea she was even going to say that. Well they checked my cervix, ran tests for infections and test to see if I was leaking water and all that came out good. She said to keep an eye on everything and if it gets worse to come in immediately. is it possible for me to be leaking water and them just not catching it at that time? If not how would you explain the watery goodness Ive, been having? All the other symptoms I've chalked it up to other things. tmi here I go but here is my symptoms and my excuses:

what seemed to be the cork: just from having intercourse and him releasing in me explains the possible once but the other three times

Braxton Hicks not at all often. only a few a day that I'm noticing. Sometimes I don't notice: not enough water

Pressure: ummm from intercourse maybe or from my lady having room. Could also be ic. Never been diagnosed but similar pain to that From the past.

Loose stool: ate something bed

Cramping (barely noticeable): just my body getting ready for labor

Back pain that comes and goes: thought it was just the way I was sitting/ sleeping. Moving barely helped pain subside though.

Ugh I am praying and hoping that its just my excuses and not preterm. I want so much for this to just be a normal pregnancy. I see the doctor on FRiday (if my body behaves well) for my girls cardiogram. She said they will check again them. I have a septate uterus. It was looking like it was stretching well but with what's going on for those of you that know about anomalies could this be a sign in not able to carry. I'm not big at all. Stomach still looks like Im bloated most days.

In all this commotion I forgot to ask the doctor its our part if I drink boost extra protein drinks? I was told a could by someone other than my doctor. I drank a few last week and I swear I have super baby in my uterus now! She has been non stop moving ever since : D my bladder is either a pillow she fluffs for her head or a soccer ball she's been kicking all day everyday since I've had those drinks. its been so amazing!!! I never thought how much love I could have for something. Just makes me tear up every time I feel her. I feel I am meant for this girl as she is meant for me! : P
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Oh forgot when I was typing this I was thinking I know some women thinks their water leaked when it was actually them peeing themselves. That will be my excuse for that one. Not at all wanting that to start now but it would make sense since my girl is on my bladder. Oh no! Come on kegels work for me!
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How far along are you? I have been having all the same symptoms and they are not worried. My dr said the mucus plug will grow back braxton kicks is normal he is not worried about the cramping and back pain i think it all just happens o and i never asked about the loose stool i didnt knw it could mean anything... but then again when i asked him how to know if i was really starting labor he said when i have the worst pain i ever felt less than 5 minutes apart to come get checked so maybe my dr is stupid that sounded dumb to me but hey im not a doctor
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No she actually said pretty much the same thing. She said a few Braxton Hicks an hour are fine but when it gets up to six an hour to.come in immediately. I'm only 22 Weeks. The only..reason why I even brought up the loose.stool and pressure was for chit chat purposes just telling her how I was feeling that day and how I thought I ate something bad while she was filling out my chart ending our session. We do have to trust our doctors............. So.tough lol
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Sorry your going through an emotionally stressful time. I've had all the same symptoms off and on for a few weeks and my midwife explained them away in a similar fashion to your excuses. I even called labor and delivery once when I had 6 cramping feelings in an hour (every 10 minutes or so). They told me to watch them for another hour or two and call back if they didn't go away. Sure enough they did. I hope this is all just part of the normal pregnancy discomforts. Good luck. Definitely keep us posted on any changes.
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Hi, gosh I've been having vaginal itch, lower back pain, left side/rib hurting, loose stool and leg cramps.  I was doing some research and hot temperatures/summer increases premature labour one reason being due to dehydration and the lack of liquid retention.  I also read somewhere that braxton hicks is associated with insufficient water intake.  I try my best to drink at least 2lrs of water daily. The last time i felt my stomach hardening was April 8, i was floating on my back in the Caribbean sea and after approx. 10 mins my belly started getting stiff.  I got out the water and got something cold to drink.  It took about 20-30mins before any relief and i notice the difference then is that i wasn't drinking as much water daily.  Im also 22+6.  I spoke to my doctor yesterday about the vaginal itch and she didnt  seem very concerned.  I told her its been about two weeks now off and on.  She was like, would you like me to do a swab test and i was like sure, if you don't mind.  Because i dont know why that wouldst be her first response telling me about over the counter itch relief.  I don't relief, I want it to stop.
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