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So we got a new puppy and I don't have a value how to potty train it we bought potty pads but she wants to eat them and chew all footwear and cords and I'm so big to the point I can't get up and down as easily anymore to chase her while my hubby at work what do I do?
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Hi there.  I got a puppy last January that was really young.  She was just 7 weeks and really, I think had been kept in a pen or something. She had no idea what a house was.  What I did was to take her out all the time.  I also followed her around and if she started to go, I'd swoop her up and take her immediately outside.  I said No NO.  And then when we got outside and she finished what she'd started in the house, I said "good girl'.  Dogs are pretty simple.  Then I'd give her a treat.  I used a potty phrase (mine was "go potty" and "do your business").  I'd say it.  I took her to the same spot every time too.  Then after I had her about a week and a half, I spent 20 bucks at petco and got these bells you hang on the door.  Then I would ring the bells and go outside with her.  I rang the bells every single time.  That dog started ringing the bells to go out after TWO days!!  No joke.  She still had occasional accidents but pretty infrequently and was basically potty trained by 2.5 months.  

Get those bells!  You could probably make them with some tie and some big bells (like bigger than tiny jingle bells).  

good luck
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I like specialmom's comments and if you can do it, more power to you.  But with your pregnancy it sounds like you are saying you maybe are finding the care of a new puppy too much.  If that is the case, you might reconsider the puppy.  Poorly trained puppies turn into poorly trained dogs, and nobody wants a poorly trained dog.  Better to give up the puppy as a puppy, to someone who will have the time and attention to devote (it does not sound like the puppy is tired enough, all that chewing and other behavior would be cut in half if the dog got a lot of exercise every single day).  The worst thing would be to cope haphazardly with a puppy and not train it fully and then give it up once it is a full-grown behavior problem.
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I used the pheromone spray. It's like a scent marker. You put the pad closer to the door everyday, but also spray the pheromone spray every day as well. If you can't buy the spray, you could also get your husband to rub the pad wherever your puppy goes no no in the house so the puppy smells where it should go, where it "went" before. Basically trucking the puppy into
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Sorry, tricking the puppy into going where you want her/him to go
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Sounds like the puppy may be teething. You can get teetha gel for dogs. Every time pup has ate take them straight outside. When we had our wee dog she would always pee in the house at night time as she didn't like the cold so we rubbed her face in it and told her it was bad. After about two times doing that she realized that it would happen every time she peed in the house. It is hard though as our wee dog done that with her training pads too. Maybe get the spray for the training pads that attracts the dogs to the mat to do their business and keep moving it closer and closer to the door and then eventually outside. 20mins a day to teach basic commands and then a half hour walk at some point and your wee pup should learn pretty quickly.. consistency is definitely important
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Honestly I would NOT be able to deal.with a new puppy when I have kids and I'm pregnant again! I'd Lose it
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I will say that the first two weeks we had the puppy, it was MY project/responsibility and I devoted much time to it.  I did not leave the puppy for more than 2 hours, I never let the puppy out of my sight, I sprang into action if puppy was about to have an accident and redirected if puppy was chewing on something like a rug or a shoe(still have to do that a bit although she's now 7 months).  I do think that unless one is ready to do that, puppies are tough.  I'm a huge animal person and love love love dogs, so it was not a big deal for me.  But I do have friends who would have no interest in the time it takes to train a puppy.  In those cases, a bit older that the rescue says is trained is a much better option.  good luck
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Best way to potty train a dog is to hang a bell on the door. Every time you take the pup out ring the bell and bring it out with you every time she goes wrong the bell and treat, while outside! Eventually you can just ring the bell as you go out and leave the bell on the door and still treat when she goes. Then ring the bell walk out and don't treat but praise. Eventually she will just ring the bell every time she needs to go out. This is the best tactic for potty training pups. Just remember to be consistent! They will learn very quickly this way, believe me we trained a stubborn basset hound in about a month! :)
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Its a hassle but puppies learn with you talking and mostly the gestures you do while teaching them stuff(they sense your emotions to) You need to catch the puppy when its on the act of peeing/popping and taking them where it needs to be done. It takes patience and dedication trust me. But also learn how to interact with your puppy and you'll see how much you will get to know them and know when they need something . good luck
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