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question about implantation bleeding

Implantation bleeding question....not sure if i have that or a late light period? fyi i am breastfeeding.?
i've been breastfeeding for 11 months now but i had my period back for a few months...maybe six months? and it has been regular. but i didn't get my period for febuary..supposed to get it around feb. 18-23 and i'm regular so it's usually pretty exact between those dates. i wasn't too worried because some told me period is late cuz of breastfeeding. but i started spotting yesterday. spotted a few times of a brownish color. but i know implantation bleeding is supposed to start BEFORE or AROUND when you are supposed to start your period..NOT after right? so this probably isn't implantation bleeding since i'm a week late?

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o sorry i forgot to mention that...i did take a at home test a week ago and it came out negative. plus isn't implantation bleeding supposed to start before or during the expected date of period? could breastfeeding cause me to have a late and a light period when my periods are usually normal in flow?
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Hi all.  I am new here.  I am having some strange things happen and hope maybe someone out there can add their opinions or similar experiences.  Here goes: my husband and I have a 7 year old son, and I have been on BCP since shortly after he was born.  We decided we wanted to try for another baby and I went off the pill 11/17/06, one week after having my last regular period on the pill.  On 12/24/06 I had SEVERE cramping for about 6 hours and then the next morning had what seemed like a period, but not a "normal" period for me.  It was heavy, and painful, and lasted about 4 days.  I normally (on the pill) have very light, about 2 1/2 - 3 day periods.  So I had been taking pregnancy tests all along, at least one a week since I went off the pill, they were all negative.  Ok...so after that period in December, I hadn't had a period since just recently, on 4/15/07.  It lasted 3 days, and was light like my normal periods were.  I stopped my period and then two days later had intercourse on Friday & Saturday 4/20 & 21, and I had some light spotting after each time.  Then, on Monday of this week (4/23) I took a preg test because my breasts felt strange. It was positive.  I took 3 more, all positive.  I went to the ER on Tuesday 4/24 because I had spotting when I went to the bathrooom that morning.  They confirmed the pregnancy with a beta hCG, and my level was 150.  They did an internal and external ultrasound and saw nothing.  I asked them how far long I would have to be in order for them to see something on the ultra, they said about 5 weeks.  I knew there was no way I was 5 weeks because I have been taking pregnancy tests all along at home, and on 4/7/07 I was in the ER with a twisted ankle and had to have an x-ray so they did a preg test to be safe, it was negative as well.  The OB did an internal while I was in the ER, and she said the amount of blood was a little concerning to her.  She mentioned that I could just be so newly pregnant that it wouldn't show on the Ultrasound, and it would make my levels low.  She said it could be ectopic, or I could be miscarrying.  I went for another blood test this morning to see if my levels at least doubled. I should get those results shortly.  I am scared, and confused.  The OB is thrown by how out of whack my period is, and really couldnt' tell me much of anything.  If any of you can shed some light on this, I appreciate it.  I am hoping I am so newly pregnant that maybe it was implantation bleeding.  Oh, the spotting has been a very light pink color or brown.  I have had very mild cramping.  I only spot when I wipe on TP, have had a pad on for two days and it's dry.  I am hoping everything is ok.  We want this baby so badly.  Thank you for your time.
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