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question about mucous plug/related

This is a rather graphic post, so read at your discretion.  I'd rather not put this on public information but I am kinda freaking out and just looking for anyone who may know..

I had an appointment about two weeks ago almost, and I was given antibiotics for BV, which I've had about 3 times prior, no biggie really... The antibiotics usually give me another infection of a different sort....  But just now I went to the bathroom and there was this sort of mucous in my underwear.  It was a very much like... gel I guess.  If balled up probably a centimeter in diameter, it was very sticky and stretchy..... very strange substance which I have never seen before! even with a yeast infection.... it had no smell to it what-so-ever, and I checked my cervix after and it feels almost kind of open and soft.  I'm 18 weeks along in two days, and I'm freaking out over the only thing I can imagine "Could it be a mucous plug??" I feel no cramps or anything, absolutely no blood...  so, what is this about? Should I be freaking out ? Any similar experience??
And I really apologize for giving such.... detailed information, but I just need to know from those who have lost a mucous plug before and remember, or someone who has had something like this happen to them and be fine...
I'm kinda freaking out. I'd ask the OB but I could hardly imagine myself explaining something like this out-loud and in person.  :(  I have our ultrasound Friday.. but 2 days is a long time when something totally weird happens....
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and it was mostly white/clear, like the inside of an egg white, but a bit thicker in consistency.

any input..??
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It does sound abit like the very start of your muccus plug,as long as you dont start having contractions or anymore you should be fine, but I would def mention it to your ob as it is important that they know whats going on as you may be at risk of going into preterm labour
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It's not your mucous plug. there would be blood. There is all kinds of different stuff coming out of  there when your prego. I'd mention it at the ob  visit though.
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Okay.. I should, I know.  I will try to bring myself to do it. lol...
I'm scared though..  
And I feel fine and normal, so much that I was shocked to see this.... I wasn't doing anything abnormal.
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when your plug comes out from up higher in your cervix, thats when its blood tinged, when its from close to the opening its not
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I don't know about most people, and I know they say every pregnancy is different, but with my son, the mucous plug was huge and VERY bloody. I was freaking out when I saw it. Blood usually doesn't make me queasy, but the sight of this huge thing (almost the size of a baseball) that was bloody and squishy almost did me in. I called the ob immediately and within an hour I had begun labor.
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