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questions about pregnancy please help?

My and my boyfriend have had unprotected sex multipul times and use the pull out method. i've not once gotten pregnant. My period is due in a couple days and im worried i Might be pregnant. I dont really get headaches or nausea after i eat. I've been eating more and my boobs hurt for a couple days, I know, as others have said, I should actually wait for my period to start but i just need some answers. I am bloated a bit and it hasnt really gone down for a couple days. I dont know if thats just because i've been eating more or because im about to start my period. I just want some answers, advice and some reasurance.
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well the pull out method is not a safe way to prevent pregnancy as there can be sperm in the pre-*** so there is a slight chance of getting pregnant. The best thing I can say is wait until your period is late and then do a hpt. They do sound like some early sighns but then sore boobs, being bloated tec is also signs of a due period
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The "pull-out method" does not protect you against pregnancy, as there is something called pre-ejaculation(the wetness a guy has when he has an erection) which is always present and does contain sperm in it. Symptoms really don't mean anything, as they are completely unreliable. The symptoms for pregnancy are also the same for PMS, stress, illness, hormonal fluctuations, and so on. You'll either have to wait until your period comes or at least 2 weeks from the time you had sex in order to take a home pregnancy test. Take the test with first morning urine and make sure to read the directions carefully, taking the test as it says. Are you trying to get pregnant?  
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Yeah i was thinking they were the same and i guess i'll just have to wait but i guess i just over think it alot and no im not trying to get pregnant
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If you're not trying to get pregnant, why are you having unprotected sex? You're 15 years old, there's no excuses why you're aren't protecting yourself. As the others said, you have no choice but to wait until your period is due. If it's late (or different than usual) take a pregnancy test with first morning urine.
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Unfortunately using the pull-out method does put you at risk for pregnancy. I would wait until your period either arrives or is late, take a test if it's late, and if it comes get on birth control immediately. It might be hard to talk to your mom about getting on birth control, but much better to do that than have a baby in high school!

good luck
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I dont believe she trying to get pregnant, having sex period is kinda what today teens are about. YES WE DO HAVE A BRAIN IN OR HEAD, but trust me its harder to say no if u think  a guy is cute, or it makes u popular or its just something ppl are doing. as far as  not using one, You really do, and its not good having sex at ur age. I am 18 so i understand but this person ur with now ur more likly not going to be with later on in life. only cuz u change. But i dont think you are.. the only signs seem of your period. plus every body is different
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