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realy confussed,get the H1N1 vaccine or not?

i was one of the pregnant women that said a big NO  to getting the H1N1 vaccine.for all the common reasons such as we dont know the long term effects it will have and so on.. yesterday i was watching the news and it was reported that a pregnant woman with no underline health problems has died from swine flu.my heart goes out to the family and my prayers are with them.
now i dont know what to do.this is the first case of this kind in this country so its all to real to me now.i am asking myself should i not get the vaccine bc i dont want to take the chance of harming my unborn child bc we dont know the long term effects,,, or should i get it bc if i dont i could die and the baby.. so its like im asking myself should i put the baby at risk getting the jab now or put my life at risk not getting it. im realy so confused. swine flu is in our area and in the school,its seems everyone is getting it.just woundering what are your views? has anyone here said no then changed their mind,and for what reasons?
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Okay, you are going to get a diff opinion from every person on here.

You cant go by anyone else's choice, you have to make this decision.

Personally, I got mine.

Best of luck.
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I agree with Lance06 the opinions will be different... a lot of women are rabid about this topic, LOL. I didn't plan to get it, but now I'm fairly sure I am going to. The truth is it's not very different from the seasonal flu shot....just a different strain, so I don't think it puts you at any more risk than the seasonal flu shot, which I do plan to get....It's just new so it's scary, but I don't think it's any less safe....Good luck, please let me know what you choose because I'm on the fence too.
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I would say get it, but to each their own. Here in the US there have been a lot of pregnant deaths due to swine flu.
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It's safe.  Get it.  That's my opinion.  I got it weeks ago and everything is just fine on my end.
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Pregnant women are more susceptible to H1N1 than other populations and it can be lethal, like like the seasonal.

MH has a forum dedicated to discussions on the swine flu where you might find useful discussions on a similar topic.
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I got mine, as did DS (who is 3) and DH (who, although not technically "high risk", will be caring for a newborn who cannot receive any protection via the vaccine until he/she is 6 months old - aside from any immunity he/she will have from me getting my shot.

You have to do what feels right for you.
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I got my normal seasonal flu shot a few weeks ago (my first EVER) and then I also got my H1N1 yesterday (actually 2 days ago now).

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A friend of mine was pregnant with me...she was about 2 weeks behind me and she lives in my mothers town about an hour and a half away from me and she didnt get her vaccine....her mother, sister and 9 month old niece all got it and were okay after being super sick but when my friend caught it her unborn child didnt make it through (13 weeks along). I have really bad asthma aggrevated by my pregnancy and am using a nebulizer already so if i catch any kind of cold or flu i WILL end up in the hospital. I am getting my vaccination on monday!
and so your aware i was totally against getting the H1N1 vaccine in the begining but i talked to my doctor and did research and figured out that getting it would be the right choice for me and my baby.
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also ive never had a regular flu shot but i got my first one when i was 10 weeks pregnant.
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it is quite scarey not knowing whats going to happen if we get it or not. i was dead set against it,but now i think i will get it.of course i care and worry of what could happen to the baby in the futher,but on the other hand i have to think of my kids,and if i got it and died then thier left without a mother. and i always catch the flu and get realy sick from it,i think i have a low immune system i catch the flu at least 5 times a year.so id say id be a prime target.i have my first app at the hospital this week so il have a chat with the doc but i think i will get it.. thanks ladies xx
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i was against it at first also
but i mean this is one of them things where u might not know till its too late
swine flu is also in my area and a 3 year old child died from it couple wks ago
and i cant imagine what i would do if something like that happens to either one of my children (second due in 4 wks)
as far as they know the vaccine helps to boost the babys immune system against the virus for when its born-and of couse every mother wants their baby safe and well
and maybe we are better off getting the vaccine
which i did about 2 wks ago and all is well
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I never get the regular flu shot - but with no hesitation got the non adjuvanted version of the H1N1 shot. I was not going to take any chances with this pregnancy. I am still alive, have had an ultrasound since and baby was doing great :)
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Hey How are you? Listen anyone who is telling you it is safe, has really no right to, and anyone who tells you not to get it again has no right. You should just try to do your research the best you could and ask many diff Dr's oppinions, i have two and they both do not have the same views. So it is a tough one. But it is def something to think about, im going to post two links for you hear, and see if they help you at all see things clearly. Also if anyone says they have been tested for swine flu and it is pos, that is not entirely true. You can view what the CDC wrote back to me on my Main Page. They have not tested for actual h1n1 since Aug 2009. And do not let anyone tell you diff. But they do ......do what iscalled a swab, and it it comes back type A, that means it CAN possibly be H1n1, but again it coud be something else, so it not very accurate. It makes you wonder why they are not testing for it, but are quick to post numbers and stats, and gather all these vaccines and push them on people. They will tell you it is because they treat it the same way and that is why there is no point to test it. But in reality they may treat it the same way, but getting the vaccine which really has not been studied long enough is a pretty big deal if you ask me. And if they have no idea how many people have it, or how much it is spreading then i do not really see how they can tell people how dangerous it is or to get a vaccine. Esp when they have been wrong about the last swine flu vaccine. Truth is, we do not know if it is safe or not, meaning long term effects, not immediate and truth is, the companies that are making these vaccines are profiting greatly, it is almost like a SALE, they make you panic because it is all out of stock and they only make a limited supply, so that way when it is in stock it sells like hot cakes, Now im not saying they are doing this to hurt us, but i do think that the govt and these companies have def been neglectful in the past and it could happen again. So all i can tell you is to just check out the two sites in entiretly, and do not be thrown off my the one who has the Dr being interviewed by the nutritionist, someone once said to me, he is selling stuff on his website and it is all bull because he does sell products. Anyone who knows Dr.Mercola or follows him that he is very well respected in his community and is not just looking to make money, and pushes no products or even talks about any in his interview with Dr. Blaylock, so do not let anyone tell you that. If you do look through his actual site you may see him selling vitamins or something, But i really do not see what that has to do with anything! And then check out the 60 min TV show clip, on what happ with the last Swine Flu Pandemic. Good luck in what ever you descide!!!



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Also it lowers your immune system from what i got out of the video i was watching so becareful, which is also why we are thinking that since 2003 since they were doing the mass vaccinations in children. The children are becoming more and more sick every year. There is a long list of stuff including chicken eggs which can be contaminated which is prob why some people get a reaction to it and some do not. But that is not what im afraid of, it is the autism and long term effects. Also they were telling people they thought that this strand was mutating, and so far it has not! good luck!
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why are we NOT hearing reports of people who get the H1N1 vaccine still getting this very prevalent strain of influenza A? All i know is that a very large number of people are coming down with the flu, and that the mortality rate is unusaully high for pregnant women and young people. I would think if your argument were valid, we would be innundated with news stories of people who received the vaccine who were still getting sick. The evidence that most cases of flu right now are H1N1 is quite significant. And the number of deaths is scary- 34 children last week.

When it comes to vaccines, sometimes you need to take the chance. In most cases, the benefits far outweigh the potential risks. I was discussing this with my granfmother recently. Apparently when the pollio vaccine came out, many were very leary of it. She had vaccinated her kids, but her friend was adamantly against it for many of the reasons you list. Her kid got pollio. yea, flu is different. I normally wouldn't make such a big deal about flu. But this flu is different and deadly to a different population.

Here's something to consider reading- http://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/?p=851

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its makes very interesting reading.i had decided to get it.now i dont know im in limbo again!!  im taking all the kids to get it tomorrow as its only available here from this week.i hope by the kids been protected then i wont get it.i wont made  a decision yet,as theres so much to consider either way.i think il take more time to think about it.ive done all the research now and still im unsure.
i read that the company that make the vaccine 'braxton' is the same company that made a vaccine in the 80s that was contaminated and alot of ppl got hiv from it. i read this in a newspaper not on the net.. but we realy are taking a chance putting this in to are bodies.so many ppl all over the world are getting the vaccine,could you imagine if it all went wrong,ok i know im getting carried away,i cant help it,its such a hard decision.

thanks everyone for the replys,its very helpful and also great to here all the diffrent views on this tricky subject.
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Some other information i would like to share with you guys, is that i heard from my Cousin who went to Cornel to be a Dr, that unless 90% of the popluation is Vaccinated the Vaccination is not going to work. I do not know how true that is, but i do trust his info. Something else to think about!
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i also heard that on a radio talk show,i cant remember how it was explained,but yeah i heard that i think its true
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Right i see what you are saying but my point is that i do not deny that people are getting sick with some sort of Flu, my arguement is which Flu and which vaccination is the right one, considering they have been incorrect about the Swine Flu and it's Long term Effects once before. It is not completely Safe, which is why people are not sure what to do. Also i belong to a Facebook site where people can report there experiences after getting the swine flu, good and bad ones, and there has def been quite a few stories out there of people getting the vaccination and still getting the flu, now this is either because they are not vaccinating for the correct flu. Or because it is not that effective. Or possibly back reactions. And again as far as numbers and sgnificant h1n1, i cant see how that is a true statement, since the CDC has confirme they have and will not test anyone for it since aug 09, this is a fact not my take or oppinon, and it is def something people should know and think about, before getting a vaccine that was rushed and has been harmful, long term in the past. For all we know a lot of people could be coming down with the reg Flu,not h1n1, but we do not know because they will not test.
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yeah its crazy stuff alright.i have facebook open now just going to have a read,i didnt know they had a group for this
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Search Under My Name It is Rachel Miranda Lo Cicero, or just Rachel Lo Ciceroand find the groups on there and the Dr. Mercola WebSite
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ACOG Encourages Pregnant Women to Get Flu Vaccinations

Washington, DC -- The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) joins forces today with the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Family Physicians, and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urging pregnant women to be vaccinated against both the seasonal flu and the H1N1 flu. To read the full release, go to http       ://www.        ama-assn.org      /ama/pub/h1n1/news/pregnant-women-flu-vaccines.shtml#.

Also...had the swine flu arrived a few months earlier, it would have been the seasonal flu vaccine...Dr. Oz had a woman from the CDC on and it was very informational...perhaps you can check out his website...
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People are just missing one thing i keep saying, they are not testing for swine flu, so all their efforts vaccines, article, or suggestions mean nada. They need to test for it, and see who is really getting it. Also the OBGYN are not qualified to comment about the long term effects on the brain. Which is why i thought the Neurologist i was watching in the video was very interesting! Good LUCK! Rememeber we are know what they are recommending, but its a shame we have to dig deeper for the some truths. I had no idea they were not testing for Swine Flu. What a shame, they do not tell you that on the News im sure!
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Here is another good one!
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