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I was just wondering if any one had any tips with dealing with reflux. Im 10 weeks pregnant and after being on 3 different types of antisickness tablets because i couldnt keep anything down, the doctor has now said that I have reflux! They have tried me on gaviscon and peptac but neither work! Ive cut own the wrong foods, sleep how they say and have been having small meals during the day but im struggling to cope with the constant lump in my throat followed by bringing up everything.
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I have reflux,, It is so annoying, I havent had sickness. I have been sick once, from reflux but it was with Acid that was caused by reflux. My doctor gave me nothing for it...

You have to go back to your doctor and say nothing is working at all for you.. and they might be able to try you on something else??
I hope you get better, I know how horrible it is. :)

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aww thank you im going to see midwife tomorrow so ill discuss it with her, i just dont know what to do because im starving but everything just come straight back up!
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I havent been sick with mine, I gag like anything at everything and it hurts so much I want to cry, So I avoid eating because I will just gag like anything, and it burns.
My midwife done NOTHING about mine because she said it will go by 10 weeks. I am 16 weeks!... Still here. LOL.. and it gets to bad.
But be persistant with her and say I need to eat, and I cant because of this please help me! :)

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aww poor you, i know the gagging hurts my back/throat so much, i cried in the doctors for ages yesterday. if she doesnt do anything ill be back at the docs on the evening i really cant deal with this another 30 weeks! He said the same to me it will go but ive looked on the internet and it seems to be something that will be here the whole pregnancy :(.

I hope you get yours sorted
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I gave up with talking to people about it. Because I suffer with Paranoia and anxiety as well... They are like you have to stop panicking, Im like I AM NOT!! THIS REALLY HURTS!! I swear my baby gets annnoyed too because your stomach tenses, and after I gag I get punched or kick. Its like 'Oh sorry Peanut I will try not to do it anymore for your sake' my boyf is always telling me to stop it that no one else gags during pregnancy, I was like I never had sickness I have relflux you *** I cant help it. Annoys me that he thinks I am doing this on purpose. LOL...

Just say you have tried this this and this and nothing is working, and I am avoiding eating so I am not sick and because its affecting your eating. So they really should to something...
Its taken a while but they are doing something about my headaches at last.,
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awww sorry to hear im definately with you on that though. its nothing like morning sickness ive had that and its gone i dont feel sick when i first wake up till the lump in my throat makes an appearance then as it moves aroung i start to gag and puke! :( ive had a few comments that oh sickness is normal in pregnancy which YES i know it is! but this is totally different and people just dont seem to get it. the firat time i saw the doctor he was like i cant give you anything, then he asked how many times a day i was sick and i told him i was sick 4 times just sitting in the waiting room. thats when they started prescribing anti sickness tablets. then i went back said that i felt the same and i was sick 5 min after taking them. so they presribed different ones then again went back got different ones and still no joy. the only time i cope is when i dont eat which obviously isnt a good thing. if the midwife soesnt do anything i will be making an appointment with the doctor again there is no way they can leave us like this for the entire time its silly. Thanks for the replys its nice to know im not the only one just wish they would do something for us.
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I was always taking Mylanta during pregnancy.  I suffered from serious heartburn my entire pregnancy.  I think you can even take zantac but I would speak to your doctor about it.  
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I've been taking Zantac for my reflux. I had it really bad before pregnancy as well and it got worse as mine got further along. It seems to be the only thing that actually helps mine.
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But I am in England so things are different here (medication names) LOL.
During my SIL pregnancy she was sick 13 times a day they just gave Anti sick tabs and done nothing else. Which is disgusting she also got pre eclapsemia? (I cant spell)..She is fine now. :)
My neice has reflux though.. They put her on baby gaviscon.. Dooesnt work, I think the muscle going into her stomach is too thick so she isnt taking anything in and starving herself because she is going the same way as my sister. But they are adimant it is reflux!! Docs down here are rubbish LOL....
I hope they do somethig because this isnt fair! As for mine, I just giive up, I aint had a midwife apt in 6 weeks I have only had my booking in appointment and they just left me....


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I have had sever acid reflux for this entire pregnancy (I am 36 weeks) my Dr put my on prilosec (prescription) it is safe to take during pregnancy, then part way through this pregnancy I started having really bad pains in my upper abdomin and they think, because of all the reflux and throwing up that I herniated my esophogus (sorry if I spelled that worng), so they have now doubled my prilosec and I have to have an endoscopy done after the baby is born to see how bad it is. morning sickness typically gets better aftre 12-16 weeks, but acid reflux usually sticks around unfortunitly. I also take tums as needed for immediate relief, but i have to say the prilosec really has helped a lot, I really notice if I miss a dose and have a lot of pain and burning. Good luck and hope it gets easier for you!
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Just thought id give you an update. Saw midwife and she just said sickness is normal, eat what you fancy and if you cant control your sickness you will have to go to hospital. So i made an appointment with doctors today he has given me rantidine(zantac) and said it should ease of in next couple of days, didnt know but you can actually buy lower dose over the counter! Fingers crossed it will help. Thanks for your replys
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Let me know if it helps... I duno what its called over in England LOL....
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I took omneprozole (not sure if that is spelled properly, and it is generic for prilosec) every day, often twice per day my whole pregnancy. I had HORRIBLE heartburn! You could try that, it is safe while pregnant.. Best of luck. Reflux/heartburn is miserable.. I always have it, but when I was pregnant, it was incredibly painful & intense.
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Apprently the more heartburn you have the longer and darker your babies hair is?? Is that a myth? LOL...
Even though it happened with my mum and and sister came out like a wooly mamoth. LOL (cant spell sorry)

IS rennie okay in pregnancy?

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hi its helping :), it doesnt get rid of it completely got to watch what i eat and not eat to much in 1 go but i havnt been sick and the lump in throat is mild compared to before. the tablets that were prescribed are rantidine 150mg i take 2 a day and if needed (which sometimes i do) peptac medicine (cheaper version of gaviscon). in the chemist (england) its called zantac and is 75mg, ive even seen them in tesco. it took about 3 days to work, go to your doctors cry your eyes out at them.

im not sure about rennie when i spoke to pharmacy about it they said they see a lot of doctors prescribe gaviscon as a heartburn remedy. i also tried rennie and it didnt help at all.
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THANK YOU :) and I am glad it is getting sorted for you. I FINALLY have a midwife apt after 8 weeks of not having one.... and I am going to demand her to give me stuff!!!.
I took one of my BILS Chewyish Gaviscon (Like tablet that you chew) it made me sick which is why I said Rennie.... LOL.... (The chewie rennie, like eating starburst)

I will talk to my midwife and see if  this time she will listen....

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