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request to be checked?

i have my next appt on wednesday.. ill be 35+4.. theyre ganna do the vaginal structure thing to check fur bacteria i guess... didnt say anything about checking to see if im dialated or not.. my question is can i ask them if they could nd do yu think they will?
im juss curious to see if i am yet or not...
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of course u can ask them anything you want:)
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i no i could ask them... i juss dnt no if they will or not
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My doctor probably wouldn't have
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Depends on the Dr mine checks for dilatation and I'm only 29 weeks
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Wow. Most drs won't check for dilation until you are about 37 weeks, reason being is that the checking of your cervix can induce labor. I would wait to ask your dr until you are farther along.
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My doctor starts checking at 36 weeks.
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i hear alot of girls starting to get checked at 36 weeks... nd ill be close to 36 weeks so i didnt no really
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It could really go either way ya know. Either way you will be checked in the next couple of weeks. And it's uncomfortable, I had a hard time relaxing though which made it more uncomfortable. I got check because they thought I may have been going into preterm labor but I was dilated one bit.
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how far along are yu?
im juss curious to see if i am or not.. idk why
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When i did the bacteria test last week my doc chked me i was dialted 1 . i was 35w
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so mby mine will too... wen the nurse told me  she didnt say anything bout checkin fur dialation nd wen i saw the dr i furgot to ask him cuz i was askin all these other questions haha
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I am on my 5 th pregnancy and I'm 37 weeks I just got checked Monday and I am not even 1 cm yet!! With all 4 of my other children the doc also began to check at 37 weeks.
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I was checked from 35w on with my daughter. With my son, the hospital checked me at 34w due to preterm labor issues. I was 1cm. I was checked again by my dr at 35w6d and was 3cm. I have birth at 36w1d.
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I've been checked weekly since 32 weeks but I have a history of going post term =\ so might not be much help.  You can ask and they can check if they are comfortable.  
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Well they did check me.. I didn't even ask.. at that time I was 35+4 nd was dilated between 1-2 ... My next appt is Wednesday I'll be 36+4.. idk if now that I'm dilated they're ganna be checkin every week's or not now...
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They most likely will.
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Do yu no how many centimeters yu have to be fur the Dr to send yu to the hospital? I've heard 4 nd also heard 3....
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Here it's 4CM.  But they also watch other factors.  They might NOT check you just because some doctors think that can move things along sooner.  It all depends on your doctor.
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