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rib pain

I am 27 weeks pregnant and last night in bed I sneezed and experienced a sharp pain in my lower right rib area, toward the outside.  It almost has been something I have anticipating because of pressure the baby has been putting on my short torso (I'm just under 5')  The pain has not gone away.  It doesn't hurt too much to breathe, but it certainly hurts to yell, move, twist, sit, bend and especially sneeze.  I have severe allergies so of course I'm sneezing all of the time.  I've been holding my ribs every time I sneeze just because of the pressure and pain everytime I sneeze (even before this happened), then last night pain this happened.  What could I have done?
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It is likely you strained a rib muscle.  Try tylenol and alternating warm and cold compresses to the involved area.

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Dr. Downing  
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I just wanted to add that it's definitely not the baby's position.  She's moving lots today, all in the center of my tummy.  This pain is specifically on one of my right lower ribs, towards my side, on the outside.  When I sneezed last night it almost felt like a "pop" with severe pain after.  A friend of mine cracked her rib while coughing when she was pregnant.  I know if it's a cracked rib or a strained ligament, there's not much to do about it.  I'm just worried about what to do and what not to do to prevent any more damage.  I can't stop sneezing because I won't take anything for my allergies.
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Try saline mist for your allergies.  It is a salt water solution that is totally safe to take while pregnant.  When I was pg, they told me to use it "liberally" or as much as I feel I needed it.  It wont make your allergies go away but it will take down the swelling in your mucus membranes.  Good luck to you.
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