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roller coasters...

Ok so ive read & heard that pregnant women shouldnt ride roller coasters after the first half of the first trimester, but does that also include the rides that arent so jerky??
Is it safe to ride the ones that arent wild and dont pull & jerk you around too much??
See we're ((my family & friends)) going to Busch Gardens next weekend...ill be about 8 weeks...and i was just curious to see if anyone has ridden rides around that time of your pregnancy?? Or know anyone who has and was fine or wasnt fine.
ill probably just end up going for the exercise & the food of course lol, but i was just a little curious.
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I would not risk it! They have those warnings for a reason! I am sure some may be safe but why take the chance!

Enjoy the food and enjoy being the spoiled preggo lady!
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Hi Elle,
I wouldn't risk it either.  I know someone that went to Disneyland when she was about 7 weeks pregnant.  She stayed away from the crazy rides, but did ride the more mellow rides.  She ended up having a miscarriage around the same time as I did.  Who knows if that contributed, but better to be safe.  
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yeah, i'd say dont ride the rides...i know its tempting but just think how you would feel if something were to happen...its not worth 10 minutes of fun on a ride ya know? I love rides and totally missed out a couple times when i was pregnant too but the food will make up for it! i promise!! your baby will be here before you know it and then you can ride all the rides you want! But until then i'd play it safe...pregnancy isnt a time to take risks! Have fun :)!
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thanks ladies!! im a little bummed, but i can always wait til next year!! thank you for your input :) ill probably just stuff my face & take lots of pictures lol. id kill for the churros there lol!!
yeah id rather be safe than sorry!!
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Well i went to Disneyland in October 2006 when my oldest was 2 1/2 and i was 12 weeks pregnant. I took him on the kids rides and went on the roller coaster with my uncle and everything was fine. I guess i was just lucky. Then the beginning of march 2010 we went again with my now 6 and 3 year old boys. which both of them are big enough to do all the rides and i went on a couple crazy rides with them. I was again about 6-7 weeks pregnant and thought id be ok because nothing was hitting my stomach, just bumpy. Well march 30 i began bleeding went to the er and was told i was having a miscarriage. There is no way finding out if the rides had anything to do with what happened but it still hurt. When the er did the ultrasound i was told the fetus was only 8 weeks when i should of been 11 and a blood clot had formed between the sac and my uterus wall. For the safety of your unborn child id take it easy and avoid the rides.
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