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sadness and joy

So my husband doesn't want me to put any pictures of our children up or even tell anyone I'm pregnant with our second baby because and I quote "people will find out" he doesn't want certain people knowing(1 of his friends) and my thing is I'm proud of my babies I love showing off my pride and joy which is my already born son and soon to be baby .. and it just makes me so sad that he won't let anyone know non of his friends or mine or part of my family.. I feel like he's ashamed but then he shows so much love to us he treats us so well and today I find out the sex of my baby and it's like I want to tell everyone but he doesn't want to and I just feel like there is more to it... but he says it's just that one reason
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My boyfriends the same way! He wont let me post it on fb because"people who need to know know" but i just wanna b able to share how happy i am! And it makes me feel like hes ashamed!
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well I decided not to post anything on Facebook because I don't think it's anybody's business, plus I mainly want it to be a surprise. I just want the important people to know. when I have the baby it can be a surprise to the one's that didn't know.
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I don't see why it would be so important that you don't post it. It's an exciting time and sharing that excitement is so much fun and only adds to it in my opinion. Even if whoever needs to know already knows, there's no reason not to share it with everyone you have online.. they're under your social media for a reason i think. Ill be sharing mine once i start my 2nd trimester. I hope u guys work it out
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Hi there. I just think that there's more to it and I'm sorry to say but there is obviously a reason they hidinget it from ppl because I.don't hide. Anything from my man.we proud to be together and will show that off. Sorry to say but us there someone else in the picture?
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My husband didn't want me to pay it on Facebook but bring though we moved to a different state and all of our family it's on there I did.. He was mad but got over because it's an exciting time.. :)
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I think it's a bit harsh for the above poster to suggest there may be someone else in the picture, there are many reasons people don't post things. Me and my bf haven't posted anything this time, because my son was stillborn last time and after posting all about my pregnancy, we were getting messages like 'how's your pregnancy going? When are you gonna pop out that baby?' When in reality he had already been born and had a funeral. It was very hard to have to explain to everyone what had happened while trying to grieve. Prehaps he's just afraid and doesn't want to say so, or Prehaps he's just someone that doesn't need to tell everyone else to prove how excited he is.
I wouldn't worry too much about it, sit down and talk to him about how it makes you feel, he may not realise how it makes you feel.
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Maybe it could be I mean he is a very private person the only thing we have posted is our marriage nothing else he doesn't like me posting anything but I thought this would be an accept ion ... we will have to talk I mean it's not necessary I post anything its just that I want to but he more than shows he loves us... thank you. And I am so sorry for your loss i know I don't actually know you or your bf but please tell him as well I'm sorry for your loss no one should ever go through that...May God bless you all
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Lol men what runs threw there mind @TayR93
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Thank you ladies so much I love hearing your thoughts and opinions it help me open my mind and feel so much better
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I would just tell him to explain his reason to you more clearly. No point in assuming. Communication is important and your significant other should be able to give you a reason that you understand.
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I was the same way Skyesmummy. I had a stillborn with my first, so when I was pregnant with my second my hubby and I didn't post anything on Facebook about it. Only family and close friends knew we were having a baby. Once I had the baby I put some pictures up and people were like "omg I didn't even know you were expecting!", etc.
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Well Jennifer it's an exciting time and it's up to the person to share that excitement with the people they want. Just because they are under your Facebook does not mean they have the right to know your whole life story. Everyone is different, so if u decide not to post on fb that's your decision.  Also, if you do, then post away there's nothing wrong with it.
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