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saggy breasts after giving birth?

i know this is a weird question..but i know that a womans breasts do tend to sag after she has a child because they shrink back down..and they end up with alot of stretch marks..sometimes around the nipple area..but i was wondering is there anything i could do while im pregnant so that doesnt happen to me because i think it will since i have small breasts and they will get big. could i like lift weights or do anything to help at all? have any of you done anything to help it lol i know theres always the option of a boob job but id rather not do that! any comments are helpful :)
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Hi there!

It's mostly genetics...my breasts look pretty much the same as they always have, except that now they're quite a bit larger (36EE). I also did not end up with stretch marks after TWO pregnancies, but I never tried to prevent them; my genetics just worked in my favor.

The best way to keep your breasts "perky" is to look up exercises that target your pectoral muscles....because the muscles underneath your breasts determine how perky or saggy your breasts are, along with genetics. Also, wear a supportive bra 24/7 so that the ligaments don't stretch out in your breasts...gravity will inevitably drag them down and make them saggy no matter how many exercises you do if you don't properly support them.
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Your title made me LOL.. =)   I used Palmer's EVERY day EVERYWHERE, & for me, it did NOTHING.. I have so many stretch marks on my body, it would scare you! =D  I think stretch marks are actually determined by genetics, and it is my belief that nothing can change that. Sorry to be a downer, but that's just my understanding/experience/opinion. Best of luck!! And they sell rock star bras! No one knows my boobs are saggy except  myself & DB! =D
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lol i knoww nobody would see them but i would and i still want a pretty body! even though ill be fine if i dont afterwards..stretch marks dont really run in my family..my mother only got them when she had a ten pound baby..but other then that everything was fine with her..no stretch marks or saggy breasts..im hopinh ill get that lucky! ive been rubbing so much sesame oil and lotion on me so my skin stays hydrated and im going to start lifting light weights and walking so that it helps me! lol thanks for answering my question though ladies :)
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my breasts didn't sag, and i wore a sports bra 24/7 7 days a week all 9 months of my pregnancy. im not sure if it is because of that, but considering my friends breasts did sag and they didn't wear a sports bra and mine didn't, it might be related!
but also, my breasts didn't get bigger when i was pregnant; which probably had A LOT to do with it. when your breasts get bigger during pregnancy, they will normally shrink back down and that is when the sag is present. that's probably why ashelen's stayed the same, because her's didn't go back down.
also, if you don't breastfeed (i know they say not to do this but i did anyways) wrap wrap wrap your boobs while you wait for the milk to dry up. i wrapped the hell outta mine with ace bandages & a sports bra, and even though they got a good bit bigger when they were engorged, they went back down with no sag.
also, as far as stretch marks go, im undergoing laser surgery for mine. they are purple, and therefore can be treated. its the BEST money ive ever spent and i'd do it again in a heartbeat. its $150 a session and ive done 7 sessions and still going. they've gotten a billion times better!!!
and yes, like ashelen said, work out of your chest is necessary. i'd wait till after you have the baby to begin that though!
just remember not all women's breasts sag!!
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well my boobs sag and i have stretch marks on them as well as my stomach i used creams wore bras all the time and still after 6 months of breast feeding they were a little on the saggy side lol no the worst im sure but i wont where a bikini my moms boobs dont sag nether dose my sisters but they already had larger breast and i started with a 36 b and ended up a 36 d while pregnant and 36 d after now im pregnant again 38 d and im sure after breast feeding for a few months theses girl will sag to my ankles and my kids better not say i havent made sacrifices for them lol because i used to have a geat string bikini bod no im a tshirt and shorts lol
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LOL Ava I know what you mean.....I used to have a killer figure and I still do but it's got a bit of padding. I used to be the kind of person to find excuses to wear bikinis but now I find excuses NOT to wear one LOL. can't wait to lose this rest of this weight..my stomach is finally flattening out again but there's a part of it that I just CAN'T get to smooth out.
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