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I work with the public and Im so tired of customers asking me or tell me "im about to pop" im about to be 28 weeks and my doctor says my weight gain is going good but its so frustrating to hear all these comments. Anyone else feel this way or am i just being extra sensitive
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Ah yes, I remember those comments.  Honestly, when you are pregnant it's like your body becomes public property - people love to discuss you, ask you personal questions, make comments and of course touch that belly (even if it makes you uncomfortable).

I used to do things to entertain myself when people made weird comments.  I can remember one time someone saying something like that to me when I was at about the same stage of pregnancy you are.  So I clutched my tummy and went "OH".  Lol, you should have seen them jump!  It was so fun.  I started doing things like that regularly. It didn't make the comments stop, but it made me laugh.

If your Dr. is happy with where you are at, don't worry about it.  People just do things like that.  They don't mean to bug you (at least not usually), they just don't think.  
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Thank you for your comment! Most of the time i just look past it but somedays its hard and im normally very outspoken. It helps that not all comments i get are bad so i try to focus on the positive ones. A lady the other day walked past me in the grocery store and commented that im such a cute little preggers and it made my day!
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Someone is always saying something to me "you look miserable" "you're about to pop/burst" how much longer do you have" "oh hi momma" "are you sure there's just one" I can't go anywhere ever without a million people saying something. It's getting annoying. I can't wait until I have her so people can ooo and aaa over how cute my baby is not tell me I look as miserable as I am lol
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I feel your pain! I work at sonic as a carhop and so many people have been reminding me that its "so hot outside" and that im gonna have a miserable summer! Not to mention the looks i get for working at sonic and being prego! They dont understand that im married and just working at sonic to help pay for my schooling. My hubby has a good job at a body shop but from the customers view i get that " you must be a young girl that just got knocked up and wont do anything with your life" looks but i know me better :) (thats a nice vent lol)
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I'm only 11wks, but I feel ya. I chose not to go to business trip(30hours flight,4stops) n everyone was asking why, it's a great oppurtunity n stuff. N since my stomach s not that big yet, they will prode my stomach asking me why don't i get enough food and stuff. Just do your stuff, ignore those people. their r welk meaning in their own mind,but to us, we know ourself better. ;)
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I'm 31 wks & I get that all the time:) I've been being told that since I was only a few wks!  People think I'm due any day now but I still have about 8 wks left.
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