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severe pain help

I had my baby boy on the 29th and had an epidural. I had an episiotomy and a third degree tear and I am in literally so much pain. It's agonizing and I can't seem to get any kind of relief four days down can anyone please tell me when it stops hurting or what I can do to make it stop being so painful?! I want to die it hurts so badly!!!!!
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I have also torn down there with my deliveries. First make sure your rinsing with the squirt bottle they should have given you at the hospital with warm water every time you go to the bathroom. The use of an over the counter anti inflammation pain medication like Motrin should help without affecting the baby negatively if your breastfeeding. If this doesn't help seek medical care. It does hurt but it shouldn't feel like your going to die. I hope you feel better soon.
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I was in the same boat the burning and pressure was horrible, they should of given u pads with medicine in them and a numbing spray to help, they gave that to me at the hospital and I asked for more to take home, it took about two weeks to start to sit normal, 6 weeks for the stitches to go away
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I also had stitches after giving birth. It took about a week before it started feeling better and it felt 1000 times worse the few days before it got better. I felt like the stitches were ripping out so I started going super slow to sit down, sat on pillows/blankets, kept my legs straight when walking up steps, etc. Also took painkillers they gave me at the hospital. It was a crazy week but that all helped me heal faster. Good luck! After thats over, recovery is much easier
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I was in the same pain my son is two weeks old and it took me at least 8 days to start feeling better but one thing that was an absolutely life saver for me was witch hazel! My mom brought me some to the hospital because I literally could not move I was in so much pain. I took the witch hazel and put it on a wash cloth (not dripping wet just enough so it was sort of soaked) and I put it in my underwear on top of the pad and it helped sooooo much! Then when I got home I would take a pad soak it in witch hazel and stick it in the freezer then use it after it was frozen. Also they make something called dermoplast spray it helps numb the area I had it in the hospital and they also gave me some to take home. Also if they gave u pain meds make sure your staying on top of them I didn't and it was terrible but once I started I felt so much better. You will not get addicted or dependent on it (I Know thats what some say) they sent me home with 800 mg motrin and percaset and I took them until I didn't need it anymore and I still have a good bit left! Try to rest as much as possible but also make sure that u get up and move around some believe it or not it really helps! Also an someone above said make sure your rinsing with ur bottle! I'm two weeks post partum and still using mine! Next you'll have to deal with itching when your stitches start really healing lol. Good luck mommy!
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Thanks everyone!!! I'm now a week pp and things are improving I'm using my spray bottle religiously and taking the medicine I was prescribed which helps so much! All this and the  spray, super hot showers and icepacks are working for me.
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Hi, I'm really sorry to hear you are hurting so badly.  That's the last thing a new mama needs!  Touch base with your doctor if you continue to have this pain.  They want to know this.  They've already prescribed the numbing spray it sounds like which can really help and pain medicine is a real blessing at times like this.  No one loves taking medicine but it is better than pain, right?  

But if you continue to hurt--  please do give your doctor a call.  They may want to see you earlier to make sure al is alright and also don't want you to be in pain.  Also good to check in with someone like your mom or sister just to help out if you are feeling really overwhelmed from pain.  

Sounds like the things you have in place now though are helping and this should get less and less and you'll be back to normal soon.  Good luck with your baby!  Enjoy!
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