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sex during pregnancy

Hey all! I am 8 weeks today, and I was wondering if sex (during any particular part of my pregnancy) should be avoided. Also I am a smoker who is STRUGGLING with quitting. I know I HAVE to quit, but my body is craving nicotine... Any advice?
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The only reason you shouldn't have sex is if your ob tells you not to, or if it causes to much discomfort.  Other than that, have fun!
I myself am a smoker too and it s.ucks quitting.  I finally quit at 13wks then I got all stressed out and started back up at 26wks.  Now I'm 32wks.and maybe smoke once a day.  It's a hard hard thing to do.  Just take it easy, cut down little by little.  If you can quit completely, congrats!  If you tried your hardest and are still sneaking one or two a day, you tried!  And think, you're smoking way less than you were to start!
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As long as you're having a healthy pregnancy, sex is fine. Your doctor will tell you if you need to refrain from sex.
About smoking, stay busy, talk to people for support, and chew lots of gum. Whenever you get a craving, put a piece of gum in your mouth. That's what my fiance did. He also always had a bad of sunflower seeds with him. He swears it helped a lot.
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sex is completely up to you if you are having a healthy pregnancy. in some specific cases its best to not have sex and your doctor will tell you at that point, but in a normal pregnancy sex its totally fine. in fact you will find it even more pleasurable than non pregnancy sex...you have a lot more blood in your system so your genitals become much more sensitive, if you know what i mean...so do take advantage. ; )
as for smoking, i've never smoked. but i would say that you should figure out if there is a trigger for the need to smoke. like, is it after you eat, or when you write an email. or with your coffee in the morning that encourages the urge. then you will know what to expect and to change that habit with something else. like, drink a glass of water (which is good for you) or chew a piece of gum. or just go cold turkey and when you feel the desire just think of your baby and how its all for him or her. perhaps picture a cloud of smoke around babies head that disappears with every cigarette you refuse. : )
best of luck quitting and have fun in the sac!!!
congratulations on your pregnancy!
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Everytime I crave a smoke I jus think about the affects it can have on my baby. I quit a week ago I'm now almost 6wks now. Gum and candy has helped me alot.
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good for you angel!
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I to wonder about sex too. My hubby was always scared it would hurt the baby or something, but finally he got over it. And, I also smoked over a pack a day then I find out I was pregnant, at six weeks. I went down to one a day till eight weeks and stopped. I'm now 33w3d and have smoked three cigs since I was 8 weeks. The hardest thing I've ever had to do. Put your mind to it and it will help!
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I quit at 9 weeks and have not had another one. I am done. Best of luck to you!
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