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sexxxx/oral sex

I'm not trying to be nasty ladies but we all know about this.....

Okay well anyways my husband and I always have sex but he always wanna go down on me for about a week or so I loss interest in it now he gets mad and feel since he can't do that then he don't wanna do the sex either and my head I'm like thanks cause I don't wanna do neither I feel disgusted and the oral sex stuff is to nasty well for me it is when I wasn't pregnant everything was fine I don't know why I feel this way my husband thinks I might be messing around
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Serously your pregnant. How could you be hes jist crazzy talk yo him and tell him the bigger you get the more unconfterble it is for you how many weeks are you im 24 weeks and honestly it is so difficult to habe sex sometimes it hurts and I feel heavy and ilunconfterble I want it but sometimes I just feel emberass my bf since im getting bigger its like hes lot interest I know hes not cheating since he works night and sleeps in the day but I still think about it every day but I always tell myself hes grown if he messes up its uo to him hes talked to me and told me I just feel unconfterble with your belly how to . And stuff idk but dont think wrong I jist feel like I hurt you but just talk to him comunications is the main key
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There are times I lose interest in my husband. And I'm 35+4 days I feel like a whale most times
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I though I was the only one
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I'm 21 weeks and 3 days
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Omg tell him all women lose interest in sex when they r pregnant! Sheesh he should be more understnding.  
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Hormones babe. I tell my husband like this "my heart wants to make love to you but my body isn't constraint right now. It's uncomfortable for me and I'd rather just be with you"
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Girl aint that the truth!!!!!!!!!
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At @doulamommy I tell my husband the exact thing but he believe I'm lyin Imma have my doctor talk to him maybe he will understand then but thanks for the advice really
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@kadienRalie right just ain't feeling it
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I just force myself to have sex with my hubby. Ever since I got pregnant not only did he get more attracted to me but my sex drive completely dissapeared. I feel bad whenever I turn him down and i miss being horny. It is hard to explain to him how I'm not I'm the mood though he takes it as hez doing something wrong
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Hey! Just let him know that every thing is changing right now. When I was pregnant with my first baby, my sex drive went through the roof and we did it so much my husband actually has to turn it down a few times! Now with this second baby, my sex drive has almost disappeared. However, a relationship is a compromise on both sides. When I’m absolutely exhausted I let him know how I’m feeling and that I’m really not up to it.
But other times, I give him what he needs for his sake, and just tell him what positions I’m able to be comfortable in. I’m 39 weeks today, and let me tell you that communication and compromise on both sides are the best thing in a relationship— especially when it comes to sex!
Great advice!  Hope you come back and post-----  do you have a baby on the way?  
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Pregnancy hormones can make a woman want to have more sex early on or not want to have sex as much. I don't think more women want to have sex as much the bigger they become.
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