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Do men seriously still find preg women sexy!? I am 27 weeks preg, i havent gained any weight except in my belly but i do not feel hot at all! My husband tells me he is still just as attracted to me and he acts like it but i really dont see how! All i see is a big belly
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I've heard Frm a lot of guys they really find pregnant women sexy lol idk what it is bout us but they like it :)
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I'm feel same way my hunny always says I'm beautiful but I don't feel like it :-/
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The other day me and my hubby were having sex and he looked at me an said " I love all of this" and took his hand and rubbed it over my belly. Apparently they find it sexy to know that we are making them a baby!
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Your husband loves you and doesn't care if you would be fat or skinny. After my daughter I never lost my weight I was fat, I was never fat in my life! He never not wanted me or not found me attracted. But thankfully I lost all the weight. Don't worry your pregnant
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I guess they do, I dont think I am but my hubby loves it. He also said he doesn't care if I get fat or have stretch marks because I'm giving him a baby.
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My bd always says its part of the process and tells me how im beautiful and dont worry if i get stretch marks all over my stomach its from his baby so... im guessing they dont care and if they do they overlook it because were carrying their babies.
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Rumor has it that when a man is ready to be a daddy he will find himself more attracted to pregnant women.. not sure if it is true. I know my hubby tells me all the time how gorgeous he thinks I am pregnant.
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Yup! Hubby won't even help me put lotion on...said I'm either going to get stretch marks or I'm not, either way it doesn't bother him because the outcome is worth it. And if i have a melt down about being far he just rolls his eyes lol...i told him the other day that i had gained 5 pounds and he told me good job and kissed me -__- lol
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my husband thinks all pregnant women are sexy he say`s it is the most beautiful thing in the world is to see a pregnant woman...I have five kids i had my 1st whn i was 20 and just had my bby 11weeks ago,before i had ne kids my weight was 115 and nine yrs later after carrying 5babies w my last one being 11weeks ago i weigh 130 my body just doesnt hold weight at all day before i gave birth i was 152 everyone thnks its awesome and i get compliments every whr i go my body but sometimes i wish i could hold on  to pounds and be a lil thicker=)
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My boyfriend told me that since gettin pregnant he finds me even sexier as my curves are more bumpy and a said but wht about this gross belly and he looked at me like I was crazy and said I dont think its gross its beautiful because of whats inside it, so there u go they love the fact tht there baby is inside us
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No offence but through my eyes ive always thought women look like bloated frogs while pregnant. I really dont see myself pretty or hot for a while I cannot wait to get skinny again lol my boyfriend says iam beautiful all the time but truthfully I think its a force of habit cuz I look like a bowling pin lol
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Based on what i see with mine! yes he do still think im sexy!!which drive me nuts coz im 30 weeks preg with twins and trust me my belly is massive!!!i dont get why he is like this!!!i dont see myself like this!!
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Omg my hubby tells me i'm so beautiful pregnant but he had a cousin who like wants to jump on top of me with this big belly haha he is so open about it and it annoys his wife (who has had 3 girls in the last 3 years with him) and my hubby is always rolling his eyes at him but he says he loves the way pregnant women look and that he always imagines them naked! Gross bit funny, I love the guy and he is only a pig when it comes to pregnant women, otherwise he is very respectful to women haha. Oh and his wife is my best friend so she knows nothing would EVER happen.
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My husband says im sexy also I send him pics of me every week since he is away at work and ill ju. Wear my undies and he says its sexy and misses seeing me naked I also dont know what he sees . Bc all I see is belly lol
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