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share your baby names!

I would love to hear your baby names!! I see someone has posted the top 50 names of 2011the but I want to know your babies names!!
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I'm having a little girl anther name is going to be Bristol grace (:
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I'm thinking Rafael Caleb (after my brother and the baby's father) for a boy, and Mikaela Grace (I just think it sounds nice) for a girl...but I'm only three months along so I have a lot of time to argue with myself lol.
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Are you ok with choosing names without any real significant meaning but something that sounds simply beautiful?? Marie has always been a middle name used in my family...but I don't wanna use Marie if I have a girl...I just hope I don't step on any family members toes!!
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Well my boyfriend and I are naming axle jayce if we have a boy but we can't decide on a girls name. I actually have the same problem my family has used Marie in the past 4 generations including me but I don't want to use it
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For a girl we're going with Elizabeth Rose, and for a boy we're going with Mason Charles (but my boyfriend has changed his mind about the boy about four times now lol)
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How do you decide!?? Are you letting him pick for boys and you get girls??
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Yea it's a family tradition
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My daughters name is Kylie Marie--my husband picked it, and I loved the name Kylie.
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I m gonna name my baby girl shannaya
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My husband and I are hoping for two girls as a result of a dream I had when we first met. I have named our first Suriah (Sur-rye) Oliva and he chose our second daughters name, Karin (Cor-rin). We have plenty of time to chose a middle name and make adjustments since we have not been blessed yet :-) !
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have to girls ebony skye and layla latrese pregant with 3rd names picked for boy
= fabian shae
girl= izabella neila
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I have a 3-year-old daughter named Kahlan Syana (kay-linn sigh-ah-nuh) whose name means "pure" and "God's grace"...

and a son named Grey Joseph..."grey" is a variation on an old celtic name and it means "wise" and Joseph is my husband's grandfather's name; he passed when I was pregnant with Grey.

We're expecting another boy in April and his name will be Ronan ("row-nun"....not sure on the middle name yet)...ronan means "gentle" and "little seal".
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My daughter's name is Sophia Monserrat, I have always liked the name Monserrat and my husband chose sophia because it means wisdom
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I have a four year old named Rebecca Lynn, a two year old named Caitlyn Marie, and our son who will arrive May 4th will be Matthew Gage.
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Awesome names so far!! Let's hear more!!
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you can spell Rebecca, also like Rebekah-its from the Bible
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I named my daughter Riley Samyiah and I'm preggo again...If i have a girl this time it will be Zoe Love, Zoe Taylor, or Zoe Ja'Elle (we try to stick with 'e' sound for a girl) ....If we have a boy my husband wants to name him Jason but we have no idea what the middle name will be...something that starts with a B, T, or D...so the nickname can be JT, JB, or JD
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My daughters name is Lexi Nikole. Dh an I argued because I wanted to name, her Aleenah an he wanted Allissa Cheyenne an I hated it.
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This is an awesome post and I LOVE hearing what everyone's baby names are!

But please remember that for YOUR safety, it's against MedHelp's Terms of Service to post information that could potentially be dangerous, and this includes your last name.

So please share your baby names...first, and middle, but do not share your last names! MedHelp has this rule for your safety.

Thanks ladies!!

- Co-Community Leader Ashelen
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I have a 20 month old son who is Connor Lee, and if this baby is a boy he will be called Riley James, but if a girl we have three to chose from, Rylee Coral, Lily Coral and Sienna Coral. I find out the sex just before Christmas :)
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We have two daughters Natalia Vallerie and Lyla Katharine.

I heard the name Natalia before I even got pregnant and fell in love with it...it's meaning can range from "birthday" to "born on christmas". She wasn't born on Christmas but the meaning didn't matter to us, Vallerie is after my grandmother.  

I also fell in love with the name Lyla the meaning didn't matter but it just so happened the meaning worked for us it means "from the island" she was born in Hawaii :-)  Katharine is after my mother-in-law.

This time we are having another little girl and are naming her Anola Jean.  I like rare names and wanted something that ended in an "a" to match our two other girls.  I haven't found a meaning for Anola.  Jean is after my mother.

We couldn't come up with a baby boy name lol.  But his middle name would have probably Josef which is my husbands middle name.

We choose a first name we like and the middle name is after a family member.

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my three boys are Evan, Hayden, and Ezra
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My son is Aidan Drake. If I remember correctly Aidan means fire, hot tempered in Irish? Idk it's been a while since I looked it up and he is deffinently both of those lol. And drake is because my husband is a duck hunter and wanted to use it. And I think it sounds good together. And for our daughter on the way her name is going to be Kadence LeeAnn. Kadence because I think it's pretty. And LeeAnn because my great grandmothers middle name was Lee and my grandmothers middle name was Ann.
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We won't know till january sometime if we're having a boy or girl but if its a boy we're naming him Alexander Joel and if its a girl McKinley Jo. We had names picked after my first positive test but before the blood test so we've been decided for awhile.
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