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Yesterday afternoon my little man got his 6 month shots he was yelling like some one was murdering him. My eyes were watering lol Idk what Ima do when I have to watch my newborn get her shots.
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I'm a pediatric nurse and I give about 60 vaccines a day, just remind yourself you are doing what's right for your baby... Many people don't realize it but outside of the USA (mainly in underdeveloped nations but even in some developed countries) diseases like pneumococcus (which your baby is vaccinated for) is one of the leading causes of death in children under 1 year.
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Whenever my son had to get a shot as a baby, I picked him up the second the needle was out and latched him to my breast. He almost instantly calmed from the surprise and pain because of the comfort and familiarity of breastfeeding and never really learned that freaking out is the normal reaction because Mama never flinched either. At his three-year appointment he knew he was going to get a shot and told me he was going to think of something happy so he didn't get scared - and smiled at me through the injection. Maybe I'm just lucky but staying calm and offering a comforting distraction worked wonders in teaching him not to be afraid.
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Omg girl im the same way when I took my newborn to get blood work done they kept squeezing her little foot and she was crying and I just couldnt take it no more I just wanted to grab her and run out of that place ot hurts sooooo bad to see my baby going trough pain ... Its hard but its for their own good .. Even though I hate it and it hurts me soo much as her mother .. Am I weird lol
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Geekmom1213 I have to say I LOVE mothers like you!!!! Its so nice when a mom prepares her child for what is going to happen. I have so many moms come in who don't even tell their child that they are getting a shot until I am standing there putting the alcohol on their arm. This causes huge trust issues and they wonder why their child freaks when they try to bring them to the Dr. Preparing your child is the best thing you can do for them. They will trust you more and even if they are scared that's okay because at least they know. I also always tell moms to breast or bottle feed after. I usually discourage it beforehand because many will cry and make themselves vomit so I always tell mom as soon as I'm done scoop them up and nurse or bottle feed... It really does calm them down
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knufrio your right! I always pick him up afterwards but has his little lip poked out and crying its so heartbreaking lol.
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I did the breastfeeding trick with my daughter also. It worked out too because the policy there was to wait 15 minutes after the shots just in case something would happen the doctors would be right there. It was enough time to get in a whole nursing session and she would be completely calmed down. Now that my daughter is older but doesnt understand the concept she gets a sippy cup and the doctors office gives her a cookie and she is fine. I think it all about preparing yourself for it and being prepared to comfort afterwards.
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