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should i be worried?

my period was about 10 days late and i was feeling nausea and my breasts hurt but i had no PMS what so ever i did think i was pregnant but then i noticed i had a little cramping and some dark brown spotting which is unusual for me to have in the beggining of my period but i assumed it was flo and didnt take a hpt the next morning i woke up with extreme cramps almost like child labor pains and they where so bad i couldnt move and i got nauseas and threw up i went to go see if i was bleeding and there was alot of heavy dark blood then a few hours later it was just dark brown spotting and theres like a little bit of whitish or like a light greyish tissue in it and its been a few days of slight cramping and this dark brown spotting and sometimes there is a little bit of blood in it but its not enough to wear a pad.im not on bc but the middle of last month i did have an accident and took an emergancy contraceptive pill but i sort of messed up on the second pill and took it kind of late do you think this is all happening because of the pill or should i be worried.i do have an appt to go see my doctor soon.
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I would go to the DR and get it checked out…I had a m/c in early April and it was a lot of dark blood and stringy like….I didn't have at the grayish tissue because I was only gestational 2 weeks and the baby never attached into my uterine wall but I think that the only way to know for sure is to go and get a check up, if it is an incomplete m/c you are prone to infections
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i think u shud go the doctor i read the same symptoms ur having i dont want to alarm u but it cud be an incomplete miscarraige i had a similar problem and went to my doc she told me if i happened to be pregnant wile i took the morning after pill then i wud get alot of dark blood flow and cramps and tissue discending from the vagina it cud be ur cycle being interuppted but i tink u shud go the doc or get an ultrasound to find out for certain hope this helps
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Plan B (emergency contraceptive pill) can often mess up your period. Taking the emergency pill is like taking a bunch of birth control pills all at once and it messes with your hormones so that's probably what is going on right now.

I think it's the pill but you should make sure and bring your concerns up with your doctor at your appointment.
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The pill may have just altered your period this month.
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