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significant others

Alright ladies, I want to hear about some good fathers to be. All i read on here is about the bad ones who treat their baby's mother like crap. Am i the only one who has a wonderful boyfriend? Since the moment we found out we were expecting he's been so supportive! He makes sure im feeling alright, asks me how my day was, gets me anything i need, cooks me food, gives me massages, listens to me *****, rubs my belly, talks to our baby and so much more. Tell me im not the only lucky pregnant woman here!!
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My fiance is the same I'm blessed with him he is so good to me cooks cleans shops takes care of me he does everything love him millions x
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As soon as we found out he had a fulltime job the next day, quit drugs and helps me as much as he can he has his moments where he doesnt understand fully sometimes the pains but he has been pretty great throughout my pregnancy! The other day I told him we only had 3 more months and he was surprised and said well I better start saving more money and getting ready! I love him <3
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my fiance spoils our little girl and she ain't even here yet. he gets so worried when i complain about my back hurting cause he doesn't want anything to go wrong and always checks to see if my feet/ankles swell up. he's even cut back on how much he smokes cause he wants to completely quit by the time she gets here.
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When my significant other talks about our baby he gets a twinkle in his eyes and it makes me have butterflies!  My significant other is definitely the best :)
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My husband is supported!  Even though he's in basic training, he writes me letters saying that he wish to feel our baby move and when he does calls me, he ask how I feel and how the baby is doing. He's going to feel our baby kick tomorrow for the first time ever! (: I'm so excited to see him and his reaction!
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My boyfriend already has another kid in another state and he pays chil support and does whatever he can to be in her life. When he found out we were expecting he's always concerned about how I am feeling and requested the day off the moment we found out when I had my first ultrasound which is tomorrow I'm only 7 weeks and he is so excited rubs my belly all the time and I don't even have one yet :) I feel pretty blessed.
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Im so glad to hear of all your support! Im glad im not alone.
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Mine to! As he knows I don't eat as muvh but ( baby is fine) and when I do want to eat its what ever I want and when I want. Then he goes to work in diff cities and stays for a week or so he always calls everyday and night to see how I am and make sure his baby not me lol gets nutrure right and if I'm OK!
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My husband goes to all my appointments with me...He makes sure i schedule them on my day off so he can make the appointments.
He bought me a doppler cause I asked him if he would so we can hear the heart beat anytime. 3 days later it came in the mail...
i normally cook dinner every night, he's a horrible cook so I ask him not to cook. Lately I been tired  and lazy so he goes gets food for us.
On his days off i ask him to help me clean or move stuff and he gladly does...
He understands that sometimes I feel sick and don't want sex, and he waits till I'm ready.
He asks me every time he wants to go out with his friends if it's ok for him to go. And if I need him to do anything before he leaves...
He is a wonderful man. And I'm sure he will be a wonderful father as well.
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My fiancé is great thus far, I also feel lucky, very supportive man I have, Thank god .
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I couldn't be happier with my husband! :-) he is wonderful he works his but off ar his job so I can stay home with our babies. He helps me with house work when I ask. He likes to cook with me :-) he loves to play with our toddler on his days off and is an amazing wonderful fun father. Takes us to the zoo when we can go. And he loves his family and takes very good care of us :-) can't wait to being our daughter into the world with him! :-)
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My husband is amazing.  I was a single.working mom With a 14month old when we started dating. He doesn't drink and he has been a close friend for 8+years.  He actually came to.my first Babyshower lol. He and I always knew we wanted the same things out of.life we are both old school. We got married after dating 6months and I was already 4 months pregnant with our first son then the following month we bought our first house.. He allowed me to quit.my job to stay home with our boys even working harder himself to.make this.possible. we are currently expecting our 2nd son together and he has been the best step father and husband ever! I can't imagine the men some of these ladies have to deal with!!!!!
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My boyfriend has been so excited since the day we found put! He gets up and goes to get anything and everything I crave. I feel like a princess because he goes out of his way to make sure I'm comfortable. He talks to our little man,sings to him, rubs my belly and goes on little shopping adventures when I have my bad days just to make me smile!! We are truly blessed!
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My finance is so supportive any cravings I had he'd bring home for me when he got off work ( wich is 12:30 at night) tubs my back when its hurting always talks to our baby girl rubs my belly whenever were laying down . helps me up when I'm struggling lol . he's been so good I know hell be a wonderful father . I'm happy I found myself a wonderful fiance and him just being 20 taking on so much responsibility. I know I've found someone good to start a family with
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My hubby is just like that!! He spoils me
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My boyfriend is so amazing! He cooks and cleans when I'm too tired to do it, he loves spoiling our daughter just as much if not more than me and she ain't even here yet lol. He helped me set up her room and anytime I need or want anything he tries his best to get it or do it for me! Not to mention he's oh so sexy ;) lol he's the best! I couldn't ask for a more better half than him. We were best friends for 2 years before we actually started dating and now we've been together almost 4 years and our first baby will be here in 23 days or less!! Beyond excited :)
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I also have a terrific man wonderful father even to my first kids that aren't his :)....
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