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hey just wondering what was the frist signs/symptoms you had/got when you thought/were pregnant?
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For me I had really sore breasts within a few days after ovulation until I took a test at 12 DPO and was positive, I just knew something was up!  Also I was really tired and had naps whenever I could.  So far those were the only two I had :)
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hey thanx for the post .. but what does Dpo means?
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Days past ovulation
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thanx i kinda had an idea but wasnt sure ..can u tell im new?
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thats ok :-)

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do you have babies?
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my first symtpom may sound nasty but it was changes in going # 2 cause a surge in hormones can change the way you go to the bathroom and it def did with me.  other than that missing my period was the only other sign.
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Hi ButterflyLiz,

No I dont have any children.

I am currently TTC #1 & am currently ovulating at the moment - waiting on partner to get home tonight :-)

Did do it last night though (been positive on test since yesterday and did another this morning & still positive) so gonna give it another go tonight & tomorrow morning :-) (LOL TMI)

Anyway, do you have any children?
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My first symptom was tender breasts..... I also had trouble keeping any food down and could not figure out why.... Good Luck with TTC and *****Baby Dust*****
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I got sensitive nipples first up that went away at 5 weeks and came back at 6 weeks as completely sore breasts. I also had a tiny implantation spot at 7dpo. I also had a weird craving for chocolate at about 10dpo, but now I hate it!! I also had slight nausea which has increasingly gotten worse. I'm 8 weeks now
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no i dont have any babies im actually ttc #1 .. i took a test today around 4 in the morning but came out negative ..so i guess im gonna wait to see if i miss my period

So you got a positive test? already did you miss your period?
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hi how are you ? thanx for the post..
so when did you start getting sore breast? because see i feel  like my breast are swollen and my nipples hurt a little but also it could mean ima get my period its actully due on june 9. and i took a test around 4 something in the morning and came up negative so im not sure many things are going through my mind . kinda confused..
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hy thanx for the post ..
well you said your first sign was tender breast was this before you got your period?
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Well mine was extremely sore nipples and I was sooooo tired.  Plus, hungry, where I would eat and then 15 minutes later be starving again.  I was also extremely irritable.  I mean more irritable than normal.  My fiance wondered what was wrong with me because I b i t c h e d about every thing and any one.  I also had period cramps but no period for like an entire week.  One more thing I noticed was I went to reach for something on a top shelf in the kitchen and my stomach hurt.  It felt like a pulling sensation...like I had worked out my abs but I hadn't been to the gym.  It was strange.  Also, peeing more frequently.  I didn't get morning sickness until like 7 weeks.  

Good luck and keep us posted.
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My first symptom was increased temp that never went down after I ovulated
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Hi ButterflyLiz,

No i havent got my BFP yet. Hoping for it this month.

I got a positive on my Ovulation Tests on CD15 (now on CD17) and did another Ovulation Test yesterday & still positive. I have BD 3 times since CD15 & will again tonight so im hoping this month is the month, but if not, try again next month. I highly recommend using a Ovulation Kit as they pinpoint the exact dates of your most fertile days.

For the last 3 months i have ben having 26 day cycles, expecting to ovulate around the 12th, but this month for my positive for ovulation on CD15, so think my cycle will be a bit longer (around 29 days).

I am really hoping i get my positive this month, but if not, its ok, not in any rush. Let mother nature take her course!

Anyways, best of luck with you TTC, hope you get your BFP soon!
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