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smoking weed while pregnant

I have terrible morning sickness and can't eat anything and I vomit all day, but the only thing that makes me feel better is smoking weed. It eases my stomach pain & gives me my appetite back. Does anyone else do this or have tried it?
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I knew someone who did this...but theres also meds that can help I heard they test woman and babies now for drugs so I would quit
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You're gonna get a lot of negative comments ob this one. People are gonna call you selfish and a terrible mom etc etc, and a lot of them won't really help you. I will say that thc stays in the placenta a lot longer than it does in your system and there's a big chance you will get tested, as well as the baby when he/she is born. If found in either of your systems there's a huge chance your baby will be taken away from you. I would suggest telling your Dr right away and asking for something to help you with your morning sickness, they can give you something. Good luck
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And you think that is the only thing that can help you? I am not in any way trying to be judgemental but the dr can give you stuff that doesnt have a high chance of really messing up your baby. My guesses are you have been smoking and just dont want to stop for your baby cause none smokers dont just say hey lets try weed to help my nausea. There are several dif things the dr can give you to take.
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What part of smoking weed through your pregnancy is healthy for your baby? I would rather put up with sickness than harm my baby and put those discusting chemicals in my babys lungs, sorry for my opinion and sorry if i offended but its just wrong in so many ways
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I say no to it. But you should talk to your doctor about zofran or phenagrin
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Get zofran !!!
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Also as well as the zofran and phenagrin options that i recommend highly. I was so sick a week ago and it helped so much! Ask your dr to give you a script for the smaller prenatels they are easier on your tummy and it helps a ton!
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I totally disagree, I'm 17 weeks and I smoke weed also, I've been smoking weed but I cut down on it a lot one blunt will last like 3 days I smoke right before a meal and its the only way I can eat! It is also the only way I'm not feeling sick all through the darn day! But this is my second child and I do plan on stopping when I am about 6 months which is soon! Also when you baby comes there's like a 1% chance that it gets in their system! There has never been any abnormalitiies in birth connected to marijuana meaning it won't harm ur baby in any way! Smoke on sweetie
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Get the doctor to give you something. Bc if your baby test positive for drugs they call child services. So if you would like to keep your child and end the damage you might be doing stop. There are safer ways.
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If you wouldn't give it to your baby don't give it to your bump!! It's not rocket science! LOL no one
Here will give you "permission" to do this unless its someone else who is trying to make this sound alright to them also.
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lalasmommy not sure where you heard that its a 1% that it will show up in the baby system.  there have been test done that it will show up 60 days to the last day you smoked in the placenta im sure it all depends on how much you have smoked but, if anyone told me there was a chance by doing something they could take my kids i would find another way when there is meds you can take to control this.
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If you had morning sickness and can't eat as much as you need they will give you an RX for zofran or the generic equivalent. Of you can't stop smoking weed for the sake of your child it leaves me wondering if are ready for the responsibility of raising a child. This is just the first of many many sacrifices that you will make for you child for at least the next 20 years of you life. You a mother now. From here forward your hold comes first in your life and its your job to shield your child from anything that has the potential to harm them. Even if its just 1%
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^^^ completely agree jkrodgers
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I dont mean to offend but man up and deal with the morning sickness, I had morning sickness till I was 21 weeks and couldnt eat much at all, ur baby takes what it needs from your body when your not able to eat. And btw I know a couple people who smoke weed and have mental problems cause the weed made them sick in the head so it might not harm your  babys organs but it will harm brain development, again not tryin to bash u just tryin to make u see the harm and wouldnt u rather have bad morning sickness than use weed, my morning sickness was the worst any time of the day randomly but I pushed thru and happy it stopped 7 weeks ago finally
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Agreed jkrodgers!
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Sorry to be so blunt but morning sickness does come along with being pregnant. Most of us had to deal with it and didn't need to smoke weed to get through it. Ask ur dr for meds or try eating smaller meals. As some of the ladies posted before you are now a mother, its time to start putting baby first.
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Agreed lisaerin86
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I was sick as a dog the first 3 months couldn't even really get out of bed it was so bad, on top of that had bad acid reflux and heartburn & zofran became my best friend. Wish I would have known about it a little sooner but it really works you should deff bring it up to your doctor.
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I found out Iowa's pregnant Oct 11th nd I had horrible.morning sickness I lost 9 lbs in one wee.. I smoked weed until oct 31st wen I got my nausea meds... if it helps u only smokes lil but they do yes baby nd placenta so try to stop ASAP nd get Med Frm Dr. Good lucky I kno wat u going thro girl!!
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Personally smoking weed isn't worth the possible risks. You will get different opinions on whether or not it actually effects the baby. I think that if there is even a chance that it would do harm why do it? I know some babies come out fine and some don't.  But here's what I've found on it and I hope it makes you take the time to at least educate yourself on the possible effects that you could be inflicting on the baby:
Smoking Marijuana during pregnancy has been linked to low birth weights in babies and withdrawal-like symptoms including excessive crying, tremors, hyperemesis (severe and chronic vomiting). Some studies, though not all, show that women who use marijuana even as infrequently as once a month throughout pregnancy are more likely to gain inadequate weight, to have dangerously rapid labor, prolonged or arrested labor, or a cesarean section. They are also more likely to have a baby that needs resuscitation after delivery. Smoking marijuana has also even linked to developmental delays and some learning disabilities later in life.

So maybe you could talk to your doctor and find another way to handle the morning sickness.
Either way I hope you have a good pregnant and safe delivery. Good luck:)
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Lalasmommy I would totally recommend you stop smoking blunts if you plan on continuing smoking. There are many chemicals in blunt wraps and also tobacco resin. You should switch to joints" raw' brand. They are all natural paper, and if your careful about where or how you get your weed that should all be natural too. But anyways I will be 15 weeks tomorrow I have smoked about 6 times since I found out I was pregnant. Before getting pregnant I was a regular pot smoker. But with all the talk of losing my baby over a simple decision I could of easily made quitting while pregnant is my only option. So I have quit, and yes I miss it very much, but being the mother my child deserves is more important, and your baby doesn't get to choose the body it wants to be put in. I am not against mothers who smoke while pregnant its just not for me anymore. Best of luck ladies, just remember your only pregnant for a short period of time, leaving plenty of time to toke up after =]
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I smoked pot in my early pregnacy my own perants told me to because i couldnt get out of bed untill i found lemons helped, theres no proven affects on baby so dont listen to them hun , i also no tones eg everythird person here would smoke it heavily through there pregnacys
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I smoked marijuana for the past 10years.....AS SOON as I found out I was pregnant, I stopped, cold turkey (of course it was more of a social thing), but there is NOTHING in this world that would make me want to "risk" my kids health or me being able to keep my child. I also cut back significantly on cigarettes, to one a day...if that. I have no desire when I think of my baby. I dealt with the horrible morning sickness and found ways to handle it without drugs(legal or illegal). Sour candy and lemons worked wonders. Not to mention I want to breast feed my boy as well, so all the smoking had to go. I hope you find an alternate and soon.
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