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iam 26weeks pregnant and when i sneeze i get a tight pain in the bottom of my belly been getting it for a while anyone know what it could be.?
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I dont no what it is but i get it too but sometimes if i sneeze to hard it hurts too im only 13 week 4 days
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Yh thats normal i think its just tightening from tensing up when u sneeze
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yes if i sneeze harder one time it could hurt more then other time. thankyou for your feedback.
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11wks here and same thing happens. I sneeze so loud and strong that really shakes my whole belly! So I learned a trick. If u know ur going to sneeze, tighten your mid section like you're holding your breath..then sneeze. This has really helped me a lot. :)  
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thank you i will try that next time :)
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Im 15w5d and ive been having the same thing happen when I sneeze or cough so I asked my doc and he said its normal. We feel it like we do cus our uteruses are streatching and when we sneeze we tend to bare down a bit and the force might make it feelbad like a sharp pain but nothing is wrong and it will happen for most if not all the pregnancey. Especialy if its ur first, and with then next u may or may not feel it as much.
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Im 33 weeks and it still happens to me! When your uterus begins to grow ans the muslces get tighter and tighter it causes a tension on your ligaments! But enjoy in the mean time not almost peeing your pants with every sneeze or cough! Congrats ladies! You will be as far along as i am before ya know it!
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Funny enough this is how I thought I was pregnant. I remember getting bad pain when I.sneezed in my first pregnancy. And started having it two months ago..when I.googled it everything that came up was pregnancy related. Don't worry its normal..our muscles are being stretches and are tender..sneezing is sudden hense the sharp pain x
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Oh and next time bring your.legs up to your chest or hunch over..helps me alot
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thankyou all so much for your feedback and yes i will try that tip aswel. and i hope all your pregnancys all go how planned.x
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I get that too! If I have to cough or sneeze I hold the bottom of my belly up and it seems to help. Its the worst when I'm laying flat and unexpectedly sneeze, I think my ligaments are just stretched to their limit and the added pressure of the sneeze causes it to stretch more.
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