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so emotional about body image

I'm 7 weeks and 5 days. I used to weight lift and run all the time before I became pregnant and was told by my doctor to stop with my new pregnancy due to a previous mc. It's just hrs because I'm gaining alot of weight because my diets changed to help my all day sickness, and I can't do anything physical, I have gained 10 pounds since 3 week's ago :( makes me sad upset
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If you think that is bad wait till you get to 8months you'll be huge. Best thing to do is just prepere yourself. The 2 best excersises to do whilst pregnant is walking and swimming so if you want to stay fit do them regularly and drink lots of water. After you've given birth you can work your weight off, once your little one is in your arms though you'll not care how big you are and how much weight you will of gained :-)
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Just walk and eat healthy. You can eat salads with chicken breast. And lits of fruit and Baggies and take your vitamins. You'll be fine.
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Iv learnd that you have to except the weight gain. I was all about staying fit n in shape I wore a xs in tops n size 7 in pants. N now im an xl in tops n size 12 lol I would worry about it all the time but I just had to keep relizing im having a baby im going to gain wight theres no stoping it you can still walk how the ladys above said. All im saying is after awhile you just except it . n you can work out again after baby
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I can't eat healthy because I am sick when ever I try. I live off bread and crackers plus vitamins. It's just I was in really good shape, abs and everything and now I'm hanging everywhere. Was 10% body fat and I'm 27. In a couple weeks. I feel just gross and wantto work out as it was my stress rreliever. But I camt :( it's all for my baby and I'd do anything for a healthy pregnancy it's just been hard on me
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Don't worry about it. You will lose it afterwards. Trying substituting some food with fruits of veggies. I'm the same way lately. Could eat a house and really showing at only 13 weeks 2 days.
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I can sympathize with you. I was in pretty good shape before getting pregnant. I gained alot with my son when I had him 9 years ago and became an avid gym goer and ate a very healthy diet. I always have had somewhat bad cellulite on the back of my thighs but couldn't get rid of it. I got breast implants after my boobs shrank and got super squishy from having my son. Well, I've worked out this entire pregnancy and honestly haven't even gained alot (27 lbs and I'm 36 weeks) but I am now so out of shape and my legs, calves included, are covered in cellulite and my expensive boob job is ruined because my boobs are enormous and heavy and are sagging. I feel like having a baby is just going to take a toll on some people and there's nothing we can do about it. And everyone says not to feel that way because we are doing a beautiful thing, which is true, but I feel just as horrified about as you. One thing that I can say for you is that you're still pretty early in pregnancy and after your morning sickness goes away you will prob stop craving so many carbs and be able to go back to eatin healthy again. I ate all carbs when I was nauseous but the nausea went away by 10 weeks. Good luck with everything and with your baby! You still have plenty of time to nip it in the bud so don't stress it too much!
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