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somethings about to happen

well ladies....still no AF since Em's birth 8/6/10

after having sex today i noticed some spotting on the tp....im guessing AF is on her way or maybe something else
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have you been on any type of birth control?
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no birth control and no af since her birth
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Oooooooooooooooooooo :)
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I finally started yesterday...I was crampy like O crampy and then when I went potty, and wiped I started..I had Janie on 7/30..so we were a week apart...Hmmm...I know you want another, so maybe this is it, you are pregnant...okay I wont say that unless that is what you want lol....good luck sweetie let us know whats going on
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I hope your either preggers again or this is AF finally showing up so you can get those cycles in order so you can get on with making that little lump of love!!!! How's Emilee? I can't believe how big she is already! So precious :)
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well hubby said he wanted them close together so we will see...i was hoping to get a cycle or 2 so i knew where my cycles were

last time i had spotting after sex was when i was preg...my guess is AF is right around the corner or im preggers again

emilee is doing great....she was 10 lbs 6 oz on wed....she has great head control and is getting more alert....shes getting so big so quick it seems
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Im sorry, but what does AF mean?
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AF means aunt flow....another word for period
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lol.. oh okay, Im newly pregnant with my first and theres all these abbrev. for things... Im still trying to get them down.
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oh it just could be your preggers again:) If not at least something is showing itself so you may not have to take pills to get it! Let us know!

I had Henry 6-10 and just got mine a week ago! I do breastfeed full time but he is my 5th and I always got it right at 6 weeks post partum before. I am wanting another one soon also:) I wanted to do the hwole bbt thing again but I do not get 4 hours of sleep at a time yet to be able to do it, oh well huh:)

best of luck to you
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Wait, you just gave birth 3 months ago? Isn't that too soon to get pregnant again?
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NO, it is not. I had a son 4 months ago and asked my OB at my 4 week check up and they said I could get pregnant whenever that the body heals and does not pose a risk to mom anymore with the cut they do. As for the poster she had a vaginal delivery I think. UNless ther are medical reasons to have to wait there is no harm to mom or baby
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thanks 30something13.....you are correct....i had a vaginal delivery at 32 weeks with no tearing

i went for my 6 week check up and all was well....i have a blood clotting disease so i met with a hemotologist to discuss getting preg again and what he thought...he said one more and after that "im rolling the dice"....i asked when he thought i could start ttc and he said i dont see why you cant start now....so i scheduled an appt with my ob to meet again and talk about ttc

my ob said while he recommends waiting 6 months he cant stop me but medically there is no reason to stop me from ttc right now

so since my daughter's birth i have not been on bc (we wanted them close together), breastfeed for the first 8 weeks and quit about 3 weeks ago....bd'n about every 2-3 days and letting nature take its course

i just went to the bathroom and no spotting....im gonna wait a week and see if af shows up and if not ill test next friday
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still no spotting since yesterday....no cramping.....no nothing

im not sure what to think right now

did anybody else have spotting after sex and find out shortly after they were preg?
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yes i did i really thought af was on her way but nothing after waiting like 2 weeks i couldnt take the suspense any longer i took a digital and it was positive
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How on earth do you have the engergy with a new baby to even think about being pregnant again, let alone trying to get pregnant again?!! haha I think its awesome. My son is 6 months on sunday & we keep talking about wanting another one so we can have two that are close in age and then wait to have more for awhile but then I remember how tired I was the 1st & 3rd trimesters last time & couldnt imagaine being that tired again with a baby who isnt sleeping through the night...ahh totally exhaustion! How do you girls do it?
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Willow10, Im with you!! my son is 5 and half months old, and i couldnt imagine being pregnant again right now, although my son does sleep through the night, I still couldnt do it. my son takes up all my extra energry, between cleaning house and working 35 hours a week.  lol..  

I hope you get which ever one you want!!!!
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woohoo thats a good sign...maybe you are preggo...take a test you are killin me over here...I am praying that it goes all the way you want it..GOod luck girly
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Good Luck waitn838! Sending lots of pregnancy vibes your way. :)
My kids are 10 months and 6 days apart. (13 month old and a 3 month old) and personally I LOVE having them so close together. :) It has a lot of advantages to me though. :)
Like two for example. 1) They will be the best of friends. 2) I am going through all the sleepless nights at one hit. :)
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shawndell - that is exactly the way i feel....i want to go through it and get it done at one time...plus i want them to be best friends growing up and playmates

well....no period yet...yesterday i felt naseaus during the day (not too severe) just enough to notice it....im tired but i have a newborn so that could explain that....5 more days to testing
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