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soooo annoyed!

So this is is mostly just a rant but I'm also curious if this has happened to anyone else.. I went to the OB today thinking I was 14 weeks and due February 10, only to find out they realized a month ago that my due date is actually February 20 and I'm 12 and a half weeks along. I'm just so annoyed that they waited a MONTH to bother to tell me anything, especially considering so far I absolutely hate being pregnant and I was so excited the the sickness was going to start easing up and I could actually start to enjoy this. Idk, maybe its the hormones, I'm just so annoyed that this happened.
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When I had my first ultrasound they told me I was a week behind what I thought I was. Go to my doc and he says nope your this (what I had already calculated before hand). And then my last appt was with a different doc and he says I'm a few days behind. (He used this lil dial thing and did it based on my last period) which online on this app and the baby centre app, hes wrong. Its frustrating because you'd expect these people to know what they're talking about. If you can get some meds for the sickness.
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Unless you know the exact day you concieved its hard to give an exact date.  They should have told you since nobody wants to go back in weeks during pregnacy!  But it's an estimation,  baby can come any time around there.  My 1st I was due 3/23 and born 3/10 and my second was due 2/4 and born 1/23. Both perfectly healthy and full term. Dont stress it!
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Its annoying, but it's all just a "guesstimate". A 10 day difference in due date is not a medical emergency, so no one is going to call u. Very few babies are born on due date, so ur worrying for nothing.  Hopefully urs comes a lil early :)  I've have Hyperemesis,  and been sick my whole pregnancy so I understand not wanting to add days. See if they can give u something if your sickness is too bad
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My LMP due date was august 19 so i went onthinking forever that that was my due date, come to find out they have me on record for aug 30th. Lol pretty agitating but only nature knows when your baby shall be born. I dont mean to scare you but some people have morning sickness throughout their pregnancy.
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Get use it unfortunately.  Every time I go to the doctor they say your ahead. My due date has moved 3 times. They blame it on the babies growth. I'm due October 12 but told that more in likely that he will be come late September or early october. My original due date was October 20. Nice to know that it's not just me that deals with this.
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My doctor was the same way but mine was only off by 2 days. At the ultrasound they told me the 20th of November then went back and they were like oh we looked at it again and it's now the 18th nothing like a two week difference though.
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My due date was October 23rd & now its October 18th :o
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Well I'm at least glad I'm not the only one then, sorry all you ladies had to deal with the headache of it as well though! I really hope this is the only time my date has to change but we'll see I suppose. They keep telling me that my nausea isn't bad enough which I don't really understand because a lot of times I have trouble just making it to the bathroom to pee, but whatever, doctor knows best I suppose
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Its annoying when people/doctors downplay nausea. If it gets really bad ask for a script like Zofran or Raglan. They didn't work for me but other ladies have good results.  1/2 pill of Unisom and vitamin B works best for me. It doesn't help 100percent but it takes the edge off. And stay hydrated. Good luck.
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