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im confused about my temps right now.they been arond 97.1 and up since ovulation and before ovulation they were 96.1 and up.today i kinda messed up with the timing so i dont know which one to use.ok i usually take them at 9 everyday.today my alarm went off early at 7:18 so i decided to take it just for the heck of it.it was 97.1 which is around the other ones.at 8:56 it was 96.8.that isnt normal so about 9:05 i took it again lol and it was 97.1 again..so i dont know which one i should use.and maybe its my thermometer.lately its been acting funny.its been saying Lo sometimes so i have to keep reseting it.what do you think?
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you may need a new thermometer. But I think that you should wait til tomorrow and temp again, since I dont think the temp you got today was reliable.

Since you know when you ovulated, also go by your cm... when I was 3 days late I still had cm, but creamy kind. I'm 9+ weeks PG now!
It was a suprise (mainly for DH..no i didn't trick him, he jumped me 2-3 days before O' date and didn't P/O or use a condom... haha)
Men. Anywayse, If you like, message me and I'll let you know what I went thru as early symptoms . (if your trying to get pg. )

BTW I noticed my temps would raise thruout the day. It was wierd.. They were around 97.2-.5 before O, on O date they dropped to 96.5-97 Then The next day were back up to 97.2-.5 and sometimes 97.9, I tested 3 days after expected AF and got BFP!

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thanks i pm'd you
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I would like to know what you're early symptoms were. ALso, could you (or anyone else) tell me if your temps normally go down after ovulation? I've heard that if you're pregnant they stay up but it sounds like peopl mean they stay up during pregnancy. I"m trying to figure out if they go down after ovulation if you aren't pregnant and stay up if you are or if they stay up until you get AF.
Thanks for the info!
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usually on the day of ovulation its at a low..then it rises.some rise slow and some spike.if you are not pregnant it usually goes down a couple days before your period..and if you are,they remain high
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Okay, thanks for the quick reply. One more question. I think I O'd on the 3rd-4th of Feb, which is later than normal. My husband and I use the pull out method so I figure that every time I go through this I'm just doing the wishful thinking think. Anyhoo, my temp is usually 96.7 and I've noticed (although not religiously charting) that it goes up a bit before ovulation. However, my temp is higher than when i ovulated and tonight was 98.83!! I don't expect AF until Feb 16th.. so what do you think?
Have you been pregnant before? IF so, do you think this is normal for a regular cycle?
Thanks again
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well just like you my temp was around that before ovulation.but three days before my temp went down .2 degrees and  up .3 degrees and then day after shot up,soo im not exactly sure when i ovulated this month.according to mymonthlycycles.com i o'd on the 6th but my temp is telling me the 3rd so i wouldnt rely on mine.lol..but yes i have been pregnant before but lost it at three months
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and yes i do think it is normal what you are going through..it should be high after ovulation
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my temp at night has been 99.1 and 99.2 for almost 2 weeks now but my bbt is usually 98.4 every morning or a lil higher im about 7 dpo when u become pregnant it usually stays high for awhile after ovulation
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I have been charting for approx. 2 months.  It's really pretty neat.  Anyway, my understanding is that your temp is low prior to ovulation.  For many women, your temp will dip right before ovulation.  Once ovulation has taken place, your temp will rise until right before AF is going to come.  For me, my temp will drop 2 days prior to AF.  If you are PG, your temp will stay elevated (at least in early pregnancy).
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Oh, and taking your temp at different times will cause your temp to be somewhat inaccurate.  I normally take mine at approx. 5:30 each morning.  On the weekends I sleep later.  So, by taking it later, it causes my temp to be higher.  I need to start setting an alarm.  That's what they suggest.  It is true.  I took it yesterday at 7:30 and it was 97.7.  I knew O hadn't taken place yet.  This morning it was 97.0 (at 5:30).
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Thanks for all the info. I think I'm doing it all wrong b/c I take my temp whenever I remember. I'm sure I'm not pregnant but when I have symptoms that are off kilter from normal PMS symptoms, i start thinking that maybe I am pregnant. This month my BB's are really sore but other than that not much else to report. I guess I need to start charting my temps to get to know my body better. Me and DH are still waiting on a baby but I get hopeful sometimes that maybe it "just happened."
Thanks ladies for all your help!
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Bioclock- You need to test in the AM when you wake up for a reliable reading. but it is a good sign.. My dh and I were using P/O method too. except for that 1 time 3 days before O'. haha

Also,, the early symptoms I noticed were peeing more than normal (just 1-2X more during the day than normal) and also, normally I'll get migraines, but they dissapeared. I stopped taking my med. about a week before my positive test, since I hoped/suspected. It's called Topamax and the last 2 times I missed a few days I was hit bad w/migraines.
Also I had no cramping, just bad gas/bm's. I didn't spot 1X at all.
and the ONLY other symptom was my BB's were hurting from the day I o'd til now, (they still hurt off and on)
Your temp should be High after ovulation, and continue to stay high. But it's normal for it to dip a tiny bit the day or two after you ovulate, but it should rise back up (whatever high means to you, it doesn't have to mean 99 degrees)

And as I've said before, you need to chart your CM, it goes thru diff. stages, like right after AF theres hardly none, then a couple days later it's lotiony, then a couple days later it gets thinner, then it gets a little stretchy, like eggwhites (EWCM) and that means your fertile, normally after you O' the CM will go back to how it was right after AF, but for me I had lotiony CM and a bunch of it even after O.

I hope this helps.
BTW ladies, I've got myspace,


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Scared- I pm'd you back! haha.

Oh, and ppl, don't take your temp more than 1 time each day. you'll drive yourselves NUTS doing that.

and mmmmm I'm eating a bacon egg and cheese biscuit.
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Martikdragoon-You're info really helps. IT's frustrating b/c even though DH and I aren't ttc, i still get that "what if" thought in my head. I think I'm addicted to this message board. In Dec I think I had a chemical pregnancy. I had MANY symptoms such as waking in middle of the night to pee, peeing lots more during the day, nausea, crying/euphoria spells, lots of wetness throughout month including the white creamy cm. This time, 3 dpo I had really sore BB's but this could totally be PMS related. Also, I didn't have any CM after O until two days ago and when i do a self-check there is some white/creamy cm but not much. My temp was 97.5 this morning which seems to be an indication of AF, which is still 5 days away but it's still higher than normal. I'm going to test tomorrow am and see what my BBT is.
I'm frustrated b/c the 2ww gets me all excited, then I try to tell myself that I'm creating symptoms and then a new one pops up after I've forgotten all about the pregnancy thing...
I appreciate you telling me your symptoms. Congratulations on YOUR BFP!! I missed seeing that post initially.
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