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tender breasts

When you first found out you were pregnant, were your breasts tender already??  when did that start??
     I am due for AF tomorrow.  I have been ttc.  I have been crampy for a week now.  I keep running to the bathroom to see if af is here.  nothing.  I have a really weird gurgling sensation in my lower abdomen (for a week now).  
    Took a hpt yesterday in the middle of the day, it was bfn.  All this waiting is really getting to me.
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Actually, this cycle my breasts were really sore and heavy. I also started getting cramps so I was sure that AF was on the way. Those were the only two symptoms I had. Imagine my surprise when I got the call back from the nurse to say I was pregnant. Sometimes, it might be too early to test. I waited till 17dpo. I also continued to get cramps for nearly two weeks after I found out I was pregnant. I was worried so I called me Dr and she said you get cramps because the uterus is stretching to make room for the baby. My scan showed two sacs so I was happy I was definetly pregnant and it wasn't a molar pregnancy or anything like that.
Pregnancy symptoms can be funny, trust me I know. All those cycles where I thought for sure that was a pregnancy symptom turned out with a BFN and my two typical AF symptoms (cramps and sore boobs) actually were pregnancy symptoms. So I guess, you just never know. I will keep my fingers crossed for you and i hope you get that BFP soon.
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One thing i've found for sure, the more you think about it, the later AF will be, even if your not pregnant. try not to stress and just relax, if you are pregnant you will know soon enough. There are many early home pregnancy tests you can take as soon as tomorrow, when AF is due. Take it first thing in the morning, when pregnancy hormones would be at their highest, to ensure you dont get a ffalse negative...tender breasts can signal pregnancy but also pms so get yourself a home test and wait till u wake up in the moring...good luck!
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thanks girls.  I appreciate the feedback.  the thing is, my breasts aren't tender.  I remember them being sore with my other pregnancies, but I don't remember when that started.

why is first morning urine stronger???  Is it because most people "hold it"  all night.  I'm wonderingbecause I do not.  I get up 1-2 times in the night for the bathroom.  I swear I have an "old lady bladder".  Will this make any hormone less potent in the am?  assuming the hormone is there, which I'm not sure about...

I swear, If I am not preg.  I am GOING to loose 10 lbs.  if I don't get a baby, I will get to look good in my jeans!  
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i have been ttc aswell, af is not due for another week...!!! (going out of my mind wanting to know!) iv been crampy too but my breasts have been tender for about a week and a half now. if you test later in the day they tell you to hold your urine for at least 4 hours (as painful as this is) or try first thing in the morning. some people test negative even at about 3 months pregnant. doctors usually advise you to try a home preg test when you are 5-10 days late. i'd love to know how you get on as i feel the same! xo
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