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think im further along than 6 weeks

right im coming up for 6 weeks on thursday but my problem is what if im further along im thinking this because i can feel the baby i know use must think im crazy but every now and then im sitting and i can feel it i know what it feels like because of my other 2 kids but i never felt them until 16 wks and 20 wks. thats why i think im further along and that fact that at the end of may i took 14 hpt and 6 came back negative and 8 came back positive so when i went to doctors i gave in urine sample it came back negative i did have af after that but i've heard of people having af while pregnant. i have just checked my diary to find out when i had af. i started my af on april 29th finished may 7th i was ovulating on the 11th i then spotted on the 13th my af was meant to start on the 24th may but didn't start they started 5th june and some tissue come out then af finished on the 10th had another af on the 3rd of july and like use all know im pregnant now should be 6 weeks and still think i am but its just the feeling im getting has anyone else thought they could feel there baby or am i going crazy i have to see my midwife next week but any help i would be very grateful thanks everyone x
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i already told you i thought u were and u didn't believe me by the way just to let you know results aren't through from docs yet:(
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Its highley unlikely,but hey who knows,im afraid you will have to wait till you see the midwife.if you think you felt the baby move,then she will listen for a heartbeat,i asked her about this today at my first appointment.what you probably felt was gas,stretching,etc..you would have found out you were pregnant alot sooner than you did considering you are addicted to taking HPT,lol...my last period was 21 june im now 7 weeks 3 days.i think you are going crazy,lol only kidding,try not to worry about it,talk with your midwife,let us know..
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thanks for your comment i feel like im going crazy lol i will just be glad when i see my midwife next week to find out how far along i really am thanks again x
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wait! in may, you took 14HPT's, and 8 were POSITIVE???

that's an AWFUL lot of positives for someone who wasn't pregnant!!!     according to baby center . com   you'd be 15 weeks.....if you'd concieved in may.....that's a 9 week diff.....if you have ins or medicaid, i'd def say go have a u/s, even though you are seeing a midwife...i know the midwife i saw, said she only does u/s around 20 weeks, to check everything and for sex.....idk, i think you might need to someone else.....if you were 6 weeks, you'd have gotten pregnant, oh hum...1st of july or so? and you even had a period on july 3rd.....it's true, SOME women do continue having "af's" after becoming pregnant, and i think your midwife is basing this off your LMP.....idk how a dr office would get *1* neg, after you had 6 neg and *8* positives.....you should really see someone else.....i'm kind of in the same position you are, i swear i'm nearly 34, but previous dr won't go by my LMP(dec 11th)(even though u/s changed my date to as early as oct 12), he was going by babys growth, but apparently even that has been "quicker" than he thought as at last u/s baby was 16inches and nearly 2 1/2 lbs....i was only 22 weeks then?   but i see a new dr this friday, and i'm hoping she'll be able to set me straight and figure out what's going on.....in a way i think it'd be awesome to be nearly 34, but omg i'd only have 6 weeks to finish everything lol....
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thank you for your comment i know people might think im crazy but i can feel the baby every now and then. the only way i would be able to get a u/s is if there is something wrong they wont allow me until im 17 weeks. when i took those tests in may i showed my sisters and all of them saw the 2 lines on all of thm but it was faint thatsway i thought i was pregnant but when itcame back negitive and started my af i just thought the docs were right it was negitive but now i know i can feel and i know people might say im only 6 weeks i couldn't be able to feel it thats why i think im futher along. when i handed in my urine sample in may i was 9 days late and it came back negitive. so i stuck i dont know what to do i will probably just have to wait for my scan i hope i can get one early just to be sure thank you for your comment im very gratefull x
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My mom had 3 cycles with my brothers. she kept telling the dr she was preggo at 2 months, even though she got a period, she said it just felt like a baby was in there and she had already had 3 kids, so she should no what a pregnancy feels like, and they told her she was not. 4th cylce she did not get AF, went to dr, u/s showed her almost five  months preggo.  It is possible to have AF and be preggo.  I wish you the best and a healthy nine months.  Keep us posted on how the appointment goes.
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My mother didnt find out she was preggo with me until she was 6 months and a friend of mine didnt find out she was preggo until she was 33 wks preggo. So it is possibly to be pregnant and have your af to. so i would tell your midwife you want a u/s just to check dates and if he/she wont do it go to a doc or even hospital to get u/s done considering you can feel the baby.
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with your comments sayin that i could have af while pregnant could they stop after a few months because thats how i found out i was pregnant could i have had my af for a few month in pregnancy and then stopped thanks again everyone x
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Tracey its not af you have,you dont have a  period when pregnant,a period is when your linning is shed,so if you were pregnant then you would be mc....although you can bleed,its just not af..wow they dont do scans up there till 17 weeks,normally its 12 weeks,which is when they give you the date your baby is due.since your midwife will go by your lmp..so they should scan you 12 weeks,then again at 20 weeks.try not to worry,you will soon know,best of luck..
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Many women report having their period while pregnant, but typically this is not the case. The reason why this cannot be is that pregnancy and menstruation cannot take place at the same time, by the very definition of the two. If you were pregnant and you began menstruating you would inevitably lose the pregnancy, or have a miscarriage. While you cannot have your period and continue to be pregnant at the same time you can experience vaginal bleeding and continue to be pregnant. It is often this vaginal bleeding that women believe is their menstrual cycle when it is not.

Early pregnancy bleeding is not at all uncommon and many women report that they do bleed regularly during the early portion of their pregnancies. This is not at all a menstrual cycle though; it is usually referred to as early pregnancy bleeding. This bleeding is usually is due to hormonal changes and is not of the quantities of blood that a woman typically sees when having her normal menstrual period. Early pregnancy bleeding can vary in amounts from slight spotting to vaginal bleeding consistent with a menstrual cycle.
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thank you for your comment i don't know why im worrying i will find out on next thursday if im crazy or not lol i will keep use all updated thanks again x
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LOL..we are\all a little crazy when pregnant,enjoy..all the best..
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We don't get u/s here in canada until you are 20 weeks along. Unless you have a complication.
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in Scotland we on't get them till 17 weeks but you will have them if you have problem. when i was pregnant with. a few people i know have lied and said they were spotting through pregnancy and thats how they got a u/s early in there pregnancy i dont really blame them they just want to make sure there baby is fine. i just wish we got them earlier over here but i hope i get 1 in the next few weeks x
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I think i will be demanding one next week, I'll be 9 weeks. I'm high risk and having a fetal assesment done at 12 weeks, I think my ob thought they'd see me at the FA clinic sooner then that even though i told him exactly when they wanted to see me, hopefully he'll get me one sooner
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you could have been pregnant...took your 14 tests while you were pregnant...had a miscarriage (does happen often w/o people knowing) went to the doc..got the -..then got preggo again! Voila!!!
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i had my monthly when i was pregnant with my son :))
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Periods are not possible while pregnant. The two just cant happen at the same time. Bleeding while pregnant is seen to be vaginal bleeding which while similar in appearance are very different.
My mum had 7 periods whilst pregnant with me I’m now  18 and pregnant with my first, I should roughly be 6 weeks but my stomache is hard and my ankles are swelling etc and so my mum and people around me think I could be further along as my last af was a lot lighter than usual, but I’ll see but this is possible everyone is dofferent
Some women DO have periods like bleeding on a cyclic basis when pregnant. That's so hard then to know what is going on and you can miss pregnancy!  An ultrasound usually tells us though pretty accurately so that will be important for you.  When is your ultrasound?
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