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took castor oil had some contractions...should i take more?

I took some castor oil last night at 2:30am and have had mild contractions and they're starting to fade a little, a lot of pressure in my pelvic region like I am getting an intense pelvic exam.

Am I able to take more castor oil? How long btween doses so I have to wait?
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To be completely honest id never take any at all. Definitely leave it if you're getting pressure. Trying to.force baby out when not ready can make you both unwell and cause much distress to baby
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I say don't take anymore. Get up and go on a walk. Or bounce on a birthing ball, squats, sex, or nipple stimulation. Try those first. Because if your body isn't ready no matter what you do will not make baby come!
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Honestly I know its your choice but here in the UK we are allowed to.go up to 42weeks before inducing. Babies are in there for as much time as they want and will come when ready. Stressing your baby out could make him/her poo and they could swallow it. This will moat probably give baby an infection. My daughter had an infection when she was born and spent her first week of life in special care baby unit. Not fun..trust me..let your body do what it wants..walk lots..eat hot food..etc there are risks of castor oil ans there are reasons doctors state it can be dangerous. Good luck
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A cousin of mine used caster oil and we almost lost both her and the baby!... i get that it feels like forever and you are probably uncomfortable but you shouldn't use anymore it is your choice but think is it worth loosing your baby after all this time and taking your life.... its very dangerous.... sorry not trying to be rude just worried
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I strongly urge you to not use castor oil to try to induce labor. It's not only dangerous for you, but your baby as well. It can cause you to become severely dehydrated an your baby to have a bowel movement in utero. Meconium aspiration is very serious for babies. Baby will come when it's ready anyways, and you're just now barely considered full term. Good luck!
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Or - why not call your doctor and ask their opinion and what/how much you should use.
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How much and how often you can take it would probably be a better question asked  to your ob/midwife as none of us have a degree and can tell you accurately.
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I used it with both of my kids it worked I drank the whole bottle I think 2 ounces then I had sex and walked it worked great good luck
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Just keep taking it.  Even if it doesn't work it will give you cramps and diarrhea so you will have something else to focus on besides wondering when your baby will arrive.  
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No it can cause baby to have a  bm in the womb and that can be really bad.
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You just need to remember - you're 37 weeks there is NO reason for you to even consider self induction. Your comfort doesn't matter, your baby's health is far more important. NO ONE at the end of pregnancy is comfortable. It's just something you have to deal with. You obviously however do not want to listen to our advice (of not trying this, despite potiental risks) so you need to speak to your doctor.

Just because a baby measures ahead doesn't mean they're ready. Women get told they have 'huge babies' and give birth to a 6 pound child. Did you have a test for lung maturity?
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As a reminder, ALWAYS check with your doctor before taking any prescription medication or o-t-c medication, which only a licensed physician can advise for each individual based upon their own personal history and circumstances.

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