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trying to keep positive

My partner (30) & myself (23) have really distanced since I fell pregnant in September; his best mate passed away th day I conceived (we found out I was preg in October a couple of days after funeral) & I think he is in a depression. We now live separately & I barely spend 1 night a week with him coz of his anger. He is now drinking a lot & possibly doing other things. Iv also recently caught him out with other (as I secretly know his fb password) one of which was 16 & other 18. He's now admitted to being with 6 or 7 others & I'm hurt to me these girls r kids, I feel worthless & depressed. But th worst thing is I don't hate him? Why not? I want a family, I'm just finding it so hard to walk away. I'm chasing him. Please help!
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Uhh.. he's 30 and those girls are underaged! That's illegal and could cause serious consequences if those girls parents found out. He as a man should know better. You should calmly tell him what he's doing to himself and if he don't wanna step up and be a father to your kid and straighten himself up then there is no future with yall. I wouldn't want my kid around a man hitting on teenagers
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Of course its going to be hard to walk away because hes the father of your child and what mother doesnt want to have a family. I want a family so bad but my bf is always distant and has anger issues as well, over controlling. The best thing to do is distant yourself from him, thats what im having to do because you have to learn to depend on no one but yourself. Its going to be hard but you have to learn to live just for you and your baby and hope he will come around. It might be really hard but you need to take a great consideration about reporting him. Maybe thats all he needs is a wake up call. To really hit rock bottom before he sees what he has to live for. Him being of that age is against the law and just think of it like this. Would you like your daughter being with a 30 year old? Also put him on child support.
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Were in Australia so 16 is th legal age not that I agree with it at all & I'm not defending him just iv already looked into having him in reported for it. Its discussing it really sickens me. I know I need to walk away. Maybe he will wake up when he realizes what he had is gone :(
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Iv explained it all too him he can't calmly talk let alone admit it even tho the girls have admitted.
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I no it may be hard but he's 30 and having intercourse with minors just like above stated you wouldn't want your daughter messing with a 30 year old almost old enough to be her daddy I understand he may be depressed but you ate carrying his fleash and blood go get help if your depressed not try to ruin your life what seems like he's going being childish and immature trust and believe you can't make someone be there if they don't want to but like they say you never no what you have until its hone you should consider parting your ways and concentrate on you and baby because you don't need the stress and what woman wouldn't want her family together but the things he is doing is wrong and you need to let him no if those underage girls parents found out he would be in jail and have his life ruined by regestering as a sex offender then its going yo be hard what good is he going to be in jail sorry girl long post
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She said she is in Australia as am I and the legal age of consent is 16 here so no he can't go to jail or get in trouble with the law. But saying that If I found but a 30 yr old man was messing with my teenage daughter I'd be so pissed off!! He sounds like he needs counselling big time. I think you should walk away from him. But i would talk to him first and suggest getting help.
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Thanx ladies. Yea Australia is way different to America. As I said living separately just trying to ignore th calls & msgs now I let them affect me too much. Came wait to get a house transfer then I can change my number & not worry about his random appearances.
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