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this may be a dumb form. but my mom has told me im going on the depo shot, im very upset. i hard it makes you gain over 10 pounds and gives you headahcs and can even make acne worse. im also worried about having a pap smear, do you think i will have to have one for this?
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yes u are sexually active so there for u need one. they are uncomfortable but not that bad. as far as the shot bc is wonderful for u so u dont have a scare like that again at ur age. not everyone gains weight from the shot not everyone gets headachs or worse acne it all depends on the person if you have a healthy life style u wont need to worry about the weight. if u dont have  one and are worried this would be a great reason to start taking care of ur body more ;)
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This may be bad advice! So sorry for those who don't agree!

U don't have to get that shot. U can get pills or the patch! Ue mom can't force u to do it. U can even request her to not be in the room! That way u can talk to ur doctor about the best option for u.
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I agree~ LEGALLY your mother can't force you to get the shot. IT can make you gain weight, I put 50+ lbs on with it.

Personally I'd suggest the Nuvaring if it's an option. I spent 3 months on it and LOVED It!

The reason is Nuvaring is low dose, you won't normally put weight on with it, and it's easier than a pill and you don't have to remember it every day the same time. It's something that you can put in 1x a week, it's a flexible ring the size of a small ponytail band and it's easy to put in.

They even have a cool website where you can get a timer sent to you, it looks like an hourglass so it's not obvious that it's for birth control and lets you know when to take your ring out and put a new one in.
If you would like to skip a period for the month, you just put a new ring in after taking the old one out after 3 weeks instead of waiting a week.
It doesn't normally fall out and it's easy to check and see if it's still there, it's similar to putting in a tampon, except you have to use your fingers, you fold it in half (squeeze 2 sides together) and insert it, it's not uncomfortable, and the guy can't feel it either. When you take it out you simply hook a finger around the edge and pull it out.

Also if your not using them you should be using condoms because approx 1:3 women in the U.S. have an STD of some sort by the age of 21 I believe, my numbers may be off but I don't think so. SOME STD's like Chlamydia (spelling?) can make it tough for you to get pregnant in the future when you decide you want babies.

If you take antibiotics and most birth control methods together it will and can make the birth control method ineffective and give you a chance to get pregnant. Not a good thing so make sure to always use 2 methods of birthcontrol, hormonal AND condoms. You can even use a spermacide with it, called VCF which is Vaginal Contraceptive foam, and its easy and cheap to buy over the counter at walmart and places like that.

I always tell ppl this, because I have a 15 yr old sister and I told both her and her boyfriend ALL of this. When you use a condom use it before his penis EVER Gets near your vagina, no playing and rubbing and THEN putting it on, make sure you use it the way it's meant  to be used or it can be ineffective

Here is the official nuvaring website so you can learn more, and if it doesn't show up just send me a private message (click on my screen name then go to "send message")


If you have any questions or want to talk please feel free to message me. My sister (15) is on Yaz birth control pills.
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by the way you'll have to have a pap smear, it's wierd and feels a bit strange, BUT rememebr... these doctors have seen HUNDREDS of womens' "parts". lol, so yours is nothing new!
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Hi. I know nothing about the shot but my aunt is a gynacologist and I very recently had a discussion with her about pap smears. She told me that a pap smear is only necessary three years after your first sexual expirence or, if you haven't had one by then, when you are 21. Sorry if my informantion didn't help, but I tried.  :)    By the way, I am a teen and I'm on the pills and I love it!
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Another option would be mirena.  It's inserted into the uterus and stays there....there's no maintenance, no remembering to take a pill or put it in.  I  know one girl who has it and she hasn't gained any weight....she's lost all the baby weight from having her son.  

Explain to your mom your reasons for not wanting the depo shot.  Research it on the internet and print out some of the stuff so you can show her all the bad side effects.  Tell her you aren't opposed to a new BC just not that one!
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