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vaccination arguement

So me and my boyfriend are talking and we was talking about the first thing we gonna do when the baby come and I brung up us having a healthy baby to make sure we know all the shots the baby needs and my boyfriends say are baby is not getting any shots so we arguing back and forth I just wanna know how important is it to get the baby shots
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I can't stress enough how important shots are, the babies immune system is not strong enough to fight off stuff like we can, they need those shots. why wouldnt he want to get them done?
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He say because the vaccination makes the baby more sick sounds stupid
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Shots are very important they protect the baby from many sicknesses and diseases that can be fatal if caught
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No matter what I still plan on getting baby shots and he is like really serious about not getting the baby any shots
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He got them when he was a baby...... sooo..... but, these shots help keep your child alive basically. if they dont get them they could get seriously sick and die :(
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Just make sure you know all the risks of the shots and what goes into them. My boyfriend and my midwife are both very against vaccinations. But I do agree that the baby needs their main vaccinations
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I didn't get my daughter shots and she is a perfectly healthy 3 year old and I will not be giving any 2 this baby as well. I'm totally againist shots 4 certain reasons but that's just how I feel. I'm not againist other people getting them 4 there children as it is there choice I just choose not 2 get them 4 my children and my husband is with me so no arguements there. Hope u guys can make an agreement
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Just remember that sooner or later their going to have to get those shots to attend school they wont let them go if their shots are not up to date I know from exaperiance.. I think babies need them even if it upsets baby and u its better for their health and yours
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I can't argue with people who are against vaccines for religious/spiritual reasons. But those who say "my kids didn't get them and they are perfectly healthy" are only able to say it because MOST KIDS DO HAVE THEM. It's referred to as herd immunity. If more and more people choose not to get them for their children, the benefit of herd immunity goes away and the rate of illness will climb and no one will be saying their kids are perfectly healthy any more. That's not an opinion. That's fact.
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Its just a chance you wanna take with your babys life.  If the baby gets sick with no shots u gotta realize it could be life threating.  
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What shots do they give them? Is it before they leave the hospital?
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I'm against getting immunizations while pregnant, but I will definitely be getting my child all of his vaccinations.
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In a lot of states if you're child isn't vaccinated, they will not be allowed to enter the public school system and may also be banned from other activities. Some people feel very strong about vaccinating or not, but the system doesn't allow much for people not wanting to immunize their child. I am planning on updating my immunizations after pregnancy just to protect the baby, but I won't be having any of that done now.
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