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vent before i explode

I am 29w6d pregnant.. I have had the worst week..my 7 year old son has been in the hospital all week he had surgery Thursday and I have held myself together until now! All day today my husband has been talking about how sexy all these other women are (for example SKINNY girls with PERFECT figures at walmart) and it kinda hurt my feelings. I even asked him tonight if he was still attracted to me because I feel fat and ugly at the moment. Don't get me wrong I'm happy to.have gained weight because that means my baby is gaining weight and is healthy but it still brings my self esteem down. Well anyways I asked him to make love to me after our son went to bed but he was too busy watching a football game so I went on to bed.. hurt and upset..wake up to use the bathroom and there my husband is on some live sex chat/video getting off to some skinny girl
.I am now sitting outside bawling my eyes out and he don't even care...I am absolutely heartbroken.guess that answers my question about if he was still attracted to me
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Holy cow, I couldnt imagine how youre feeling right now. I get jealous when my fiance watches porn without me...the live video thing would send me through the roof. I wish I could say more to make you feel better, but im so sorry you have to go through this. :(
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I'm sorry about your son, i know that has to be hard. I hope he's ok! As for your husband, omg! That's flippin awful!! I'm so sorry that he is putting you through this. That's just disgusting. I get the whole porn thing, or pictures. But a LIVE chat?! With a REAL person?! H-E-L-L NO! I would leave and come back the next day just so I wouldn't have to sleep in the same bed. He should be respecting you. Ugh. I'm sorry =/
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I want to leave so bad but I can't leave my son nor do I wanna wake him up this late at night. I walked inside to throw up and my husband noticed I was crying and called me a titty baby..he asked me how I was going to raise another child when I was acting like a child myself! I just don't understand! He was never like this when I was pregnant with my son! I just don't know how much more I can take
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Wtf?! He was like borderline cheating and he's calling you names?! Wow. I'd be slapping someone. Can you lock yourself in your room at least? I wouldn't let him touch me after that. Not tonight at least. I know that yelling/fighting isn't going to help anything tonight. He needs to sleep on the couch, and sincerely apologize. Why in the world would he be so mean?!
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I am the one sleeping on the couch! He has locked ME out of the bedroom! I swear if it wasnt for my son I would be gone so fast it wouldn't be funny! I  am now pasted the sad and hurt stage and I'm just down right pissed off! He was on webcam with this girl! Of course all my friends are asleep now so I have no one to talk to! I am trying to relax because I can feel my stomach fighting up and my baby is kicking the crap outta me..its like she's saying momma calm down! I really wanna beat him senseless right now!!!!!!
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Omg! Are you serious?!! I think I would kill my husband if he locked me out over something he did! He needs to leave. Gosh I wish that you could leave, but I understand not being able to. Your son needs his rest. Wtf is wrong with your husband?! Does he know this girl?! Does he not understand that you are carrying his child?! Omg! I feel so frustrated for you! I wish I could be there for you girl. You can vent all you want to! As long as you aren't getting physical then I think baby will be ok! Some ppl do hard core drugs and their babies are perfect.
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I don't know if he knows her or not! I am just so upset! My high school class reunion was last weekend and we didnt go becuae he didnt want me around any of the guys I went to high school with! Seriously! He has access to my Facebook goes through my phone everything. The more I sit here and think about things the more I wonder if he does in fact know this girl! I know from past experiences when someone is cheating the start acting all crazy and accusing you of being the one doing things. I just don't know what to do or think at this point
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I'm so sorry I couldn't imagine how frustrated you must be I've woke up to my husband watching porn before and I cried but I couldn't imagine waking up and finding him on a live chat with some girl getting off I understand you can't go anywhere because your son needs his rest after surgery and I bet that's even more frustrating but yes I agree with @anm89 I wouldn't even let him touch me after that
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Ughhh. I hate men sometimes! Yeah the only reason he would be worried about you cheating is if he was! Or even thinking about cheating can make someone else get jealous like that! I guess you'll never really know for sure! Do you check his stuff also? Maybe check phone records? My sis in law did that to my brother and found out he actually did cheat. But i don't know your hubby so i can't make those kind of accusations. But i can be here for you sweetie! You can talk to me anytime. I'd be asking him if he knows her, has ever cheated, why he's acting like this, what he expects you to do about his actions, what would he do if you were doing that to him, etc. i wouldn't let that jack a$$ sleep until i got answers!
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He is already asleep! Ha must be tired from all that work he's been doing tonight! I am going to crawl in bed with my little man and try to get some rest! Wonder if my husband is actually going to attend church with us in the morning!? Thanks for letting me vent and please say a prayer for my son....surgery number two is this coming Thursday and he will have one more to go after that! 7 years old and has kidney stones :( bless him
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Oh girl I'm so sorry! I will definitely be praying for you and your son! And for your husband a new brain! Hope you get some good rest!
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You and your son are deff in my prayers i hope everything gets better
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I would kick the effing door in just to say 'F**k YOu. Im leaving' but im crazier than most. Sorry.about your son. I hope he heals fast and well.
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I am so sorry to hear what you are going through it breaks my heart reading all of this:'( I will be praying for your son I couldn't imagine how hard that must be and I hope everything goes well and i pray for a safe fast and speedy recovery and as for your husband I wish I could punch him in the face I can feel your frustration that makes me so sick like wtf is his problem omg I would be so pissed I'm so sorry:'( and to lock you out and make you sleep on the couch like really??!!
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OK ladies I am in the process of packing all my stuff...I am leaving! He has not spoke to me all day. He actually acts like all this is my fault! I feel like my world is  crashing down on top of me :(
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