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Im pregnant with my second child I have an almost 4 yr old daughter who is my world she is literally my bff its always just me and her since my husband works out of town im excited about baby #2 but I just feel like I dont wanna share my love with anyone else but her idk if its just my hormones because shes really excited to be a big sister im just worried expecially about the delivery since I have to sleep away from her for a few days which has never happened and the fact thay I dont have my family here doesnt make it easier cuz Idk who she will stay with besides my hubby which would mean I would be completely alone at the hospital I guess im just afraid of the changes that will happen :/ is there any 2nd time mommy's that have felt like this or feel like this???
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I am 34+1 with my second and I know exactly how you feel. Im so use to it being my son and I. I feel like I am taking away from him and its not fair to him. Im sure its just the hormones but it is definitely a pain
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Ohh yes, I felt exactly like this delivering my 2nd child, and let me assure you, it's completely normal.. it will all go away when you see your baby, trust me. My son stayed with my mom in the hospital and my husband stayed with me, and my son loved it, he hardly ever stays away from me and I think he felt like the break was a fun vacation for him. Good luck hun!
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Thanks I really hope its just pregnancy hormones because I really am excited I just dont know lol let me know how it goes once u havr ur little one since ur almost there im barely turning 7wks tomorrow
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Lol I will. And congrats and good luck.
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Ktowne thank you so much that actually makes me feel alot better Im kinda of afraid of having some angry towards the baby but I think im just thinking to much into it cuz my daughter could care less shes super excited lol
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Congrats and good luck to u too :)
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I'm pregnant with my second as well... I have a 2 yr old little boy and am pregnant with another little boy (both have different dads) like you its always been me and my 2 yr old from day one. his dad walked out when i found out i was pregnant then i met my fiancee and he has been here since.. my son loves him but im worried that he wont get enough attention that he will want from me. i have gotten used to my son sleeping away from me as when he was born he had to stay in the hospital and he has stayed the night some times weekends with other family members.
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Ohh no I felt the same way, I had a c-section and was honestly scared if something went wrong and something happened to me like I died or anything (god forbid, and it's rare) that I would be leaving my son, I felt like I was scared to leave him and not her if something happened, and not because I didn't love her or anything, just it's been me and my little man for 4 years, and we've made this strong bond now. It's instant and equal love for your 2nd child, I promise, there's no resentment, no distance, nothing, you'll love him/her just as much as your first.
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I'm with you too. My daughter is 6, and it's always been just her and I. But she is super excited, so I try not to feel guilty. I'm due in 2 days, and I think she's more excited about her sister coming than I am. I think it's completely normal to feel guilty about bringing another baby home to our other baby. :)
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Thanks ladies yall have made me feel a little less guilty congrats and good luck to u all :)
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Aww I have been feeling the same my little man is 5 years he's my beat friend we do everything together. I know its just the hormones but I always think like how can I love another little person as much as I love him. I know it will come naturally I just dont want him to feel left out :(
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Same. Im scared. Expecally since she cant b at the hospital. Makes me sad to think about it
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Im glad im not the only that feels this way I wish there was a way they could be with us at the hospital :)
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