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venting abt MEN! ugh.....

Don't u just hate when a woman is pregnant which means she is at a very emotional stage in her life. & her baby's dad seems to take her thru so much stress. Where are the real men? The ones who stands by their woman. Excuse me. Maybe I'm just very hormonal today. But I'm abt to say screw these overgrown toys who wants to be men. My heart is growing cold! The only thing I keep thinking is I won't be pregnant forever & I will repay u for taking me and our baby dat i am carrying thru so much. Ok....I'm done now.
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Alot of the girls in this forum are really young and yes Im only 25 and I have been with my husband for almost 11 years. We have been through it all. It gets better with time but you have to have an open heart and dont nag at every little thing he does. They are guys and they will never understand. My husband was not so understanding with my first pregnancy but he learned. Its a process for them. This makes me greatful that I have a wonderful husband lol
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I feel you girl. In the beginning of my pregnancy it was rocky but like u i made it very clear i will not be pregnant forever!! Im 7wks post partum n hubby is all over me like no other making sure i dnt go nowhere lol. Hopefully yours will realize before its to late goodluck ma keep ya head up
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i agree.... my daughters dad made it very hard in the beginning.... nd ever since like 21-22 weeks things have started to get better.... im not 28w5d nd it seems he is making things much better for me... he hasnt tried to start an argument in awhile... he still does lil things that irritates me but not as bad as before haha
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I feel u guys. But I do think its a difference. I understand if a man gets annoyed with our nagging. But in my case he can't say dat b.c were not living together although we are married. We stay in a small town n he disrespects me with other females all the time. &I when I say disrespect I mean like driving their cars & even having heckles on his neck. Were both young &I I understand we still have a lot of experiencing to do &have  Now I know every relationship goes thru tough times but life is too short to wait on a man to love u the way u should be loved. Not to mention he has never disrespected me to this degree until I got pregnant. I wonder y? Seriously this is the wrong time to be playing with my emotions.
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I feel u .me and my babies dad don't even talk. He is so immature and a axxhole and not understand which I don't understand cause he has kids.. and this will be his first boy.I cannot let a grown boy raise a man
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I mean I have been through ALOT with my husband and its not about "waiting around for him to love you" Its the fact I wanted my family to be together and that meant working at our problems. But if you feel enough is enough then so be it. But I didnt want to give up and let it go. I felt it was worth fighting for and now hes almost 27 and he has completely changed. We were so young when we got together most couples could not survive what we have and to me my family was well worth all of the tears. But you have to put your foot down and tell him how you feel if he walks ok. I did it twice and both times he came back to me. And after the 2nd time he saw I was not playing anymore. He has to want it to work and if he doesnt you have to let him go and make the decision for himself.
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So as u guys went thru ur trying times did u faithfully wait or did u have guy friends. My thing is I have a good heart and even when he does me wrong I can't manage to do the same. Being pregnant I stay strong b.c of my little one.  But there are days where I have break downs.
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I waited faithfully. If you turn around and do it to him your going to feel good and important for that moment but once its over your going to regret it. Never shoot your guy with the same triggers. BUT and thats a big but...You have to know when enough is enough. Yes I loved my family and I wanted to be with my childrens father but I also knew he wasnt going to learn until I showed him I was Ok without him. It was so hard those days he would come over and I wanted nothing more than for him to hold me and tell me it was going to be ok like he always would. But you cant do that. If he loves you and wants your family to work he will come around. I patiently waited and I have a wonderful life today. I pray you dont have to wait that long.
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