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very confused..numb.any insight??

on monday I was walking into walmart and I felt like I peed myself, so I went into the bathroom and my undies and pants were soaked with blood. I am 9 weeks along...I went home and called my husband and waited for him to come home...went back into the bathroom and blood just gushed out of me like the fountain of youth, at least 1 cup of blood. heavy bleeding....we went to the er, and they did an internal blood tests and performed an ultrasound...my cervix is closed, blood tests came back normal, and the ultrasound looks great, baby's heart was beating away! they have no idea what the problem is, the er said I have a 50/50 chance of having a miscarriage. they sent me home. so tuesday, still bleeding, not as bad as monday, and today, there is just some blood like a light period.....any insights anyone, could i be losing this baby? there have been no clots of tissue that passed through, however when i wipe, it sometimes looks like, red egg whites that are very slimey (sorry if TMI) and my next appt is april 3rd...I don't think i can wait that long to see if this little baby is still alive...any thoughts???
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HI sharon, I am going to tell you a story about one of my friends that the same thing happened to her. During her last pregnancy, blood would all of a sudden just gush out of her. Of course she freaked out, and would go to the doctor whenever it would happen. The funny thing is that everytime she would go, they would find another baby. They could never find anything wrong, so the doctor thought that maybe the babies were just pressing on her cervix so much it was causing her to bleed like that. She ended up having triplets!! So, maybe you have more than one baby in there, and they are having too much fun. I know its hard, but I too bled through my whole pregnancy, and I am going to have my baby on Monday. I will be praying for you, good luck!!
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I have heard of people bleeding  alot throughout their pregnancies.  If you saw a heartbeat I think the chances of a m/c decreases greatly so hopefully everything will be fine.  One of my friends bled all of the time and she had a successful pregnancy.  Good luck.  Keep us updated.
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I am glad to hear you and your friend went n to have healthy babies.....when they did the ultrasound, we only seen one and the sonographer said the same  thing.....this is 4th pregnancy, and I already have 3 girls at home, so my husband keeps telling me that this one is a boy and that is boy is giving me grief already before he's born
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I was also thinking that maybe you had twins and perhaps one didn't make it.  Did you have any other u/s before now to see if there was more than one baby??  Hopefully, you can get into your doctor earlier than Apr 3rd and see what is going on.  Usually, ER's will tell you to follow up with your own doctor anyway, so I would do that....

Good luck!
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you know that is weird that you wrote about having twins, that was something that also crossed my mind, and to answer your question, I did not have any other ultrasounds, this was my first one. I only was in the dr's office last friday for my first appt, but that was with a nurse practioner, when i go back I am suppposed to see the dr for an internal and pap.

Who knows, maybe there is mor than one baby and they didn't pick it up on the ultrasound, maybe one was hiding, but from what I seen on the screen, I only seen one baby
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id call your regular doctor and get in with them asap, that way they can check it out, draw your blood and make sure that your hcg levels arent going down..
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Most of the time when you go to the ER, they tell you to follow up with your Dr within the next 5 days. You need to call your Dr and see when he can get you in. April 3 is too long.
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I spoke with the dr's office yesterday, and they said if I continue to bleed and if i soak a pad within an hour I am to return to the er, the nurse practioner also said that they cannot say if it is a threatened miscarriage because the baby still has a heartbeat....I am wanting them to have them give me another ultrasound, but the nurse said there is no need to have another one because the baby is not in distress. and i am only 9 weeks along, and if i was in the process of having a miscarriage that there is nothing they could do to stop it.....this just sucks cause I don't know whether this baby is still alive at this point, the baby was alive on monday so who knows what the outcome is going to be....I am just trying to remain positive, but it doesn't help when I feel like i am just a number to them...it may be common for them to see woman who have bleed in their pregnancies, but I've never had anything like this before with my other 3 kids
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Yeah unfortunately, until you reach that 12 wk mark, I don't think the ER takes it too serious. I guess it is because there isn't much they can do to prevent a m/c. I know with my first, I bled and he is now 14yrs old. I'll say a prayer for you. If they are still finding a heartbeat, that is GREAT! Keep your hopes up and take it easy. I would call my Dr anyways. Maybe he can schedule you for another u/s or something. Good luck, sweety.....Oh yeah! I have three kids too and the last two, I didn't bleed through out, just with the first one. None with this lil' princess either and I'm 27w3d now.
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I know doctors say that you can't get your period during pregnancy, but for my mom with her last child she had her period all the way up to her 7th month.  Her doc was baffled, but it came at the same time every month and last 4-5 days.  Baby came out happy and healthy.  Don't know if this could be a similar thing or not.
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I had quite a bit of bleeding with my first pregnancy, even with the transvaginal ultrasound they couldn't see much, but my Dr told me when it was happening that there might be a lift at the edge of my placenta (but much milder than a large abruption) where the small flap occasionally opens allowing the collection of blood to come out.  I had the same thing, normal fetal heart tones, no drop in my own blood pressure, and there was a clear almost Eggy CM type stuff in the blood too.  Eventually it began to clear on its own (the dr said that the patch would heal or get covered better once the baby and the placenta grew larger and it did!). My son will be 5 april 12th!
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