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vomiting at 38 weeks

so i've been throwing up all night long. i've been taking iron pills for a week now and they usually make me feel sick but not to the point where i actually throw up. i have also had to have a several bowel movements today. i know our bodies clean themselves out so to say. so i am just wondering if this is the onset of labor or if it's the iron. can't keep nothing down. i am dilated to 1cm earlier today. how many of you threw up before labor?
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It could also be a virus. There's a massive outbreak of E. Coli and food poisoning for some reason and a lot of people have been really sick. I've done hundreds of runs in the last few days with people having bad diarrhea, vomiting and stomach cramps.
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My bf eats everything I eat and he's fine so I don't think it's that. It's possible I guess, but i'd think he'd be sick too.
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Your getting very close to labor i had numerous bowel movements right brfore i went into labor. I suggest walk a whole lot and have sex if possible.  And the throwing up just worsens at the end
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It's hard to say really. It could definitely be labour, but your symptoms could be any number of things. My FIL got food poisoning a week or two ago from BK but my MIL (who had the same thing) wasn't sick at all.
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I did have bk today. Ugh. I hope it's not food poisoning. If it doesn't get better I will probably go to the hospital.
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Try and get some sleep and see if it helps at all. If its still not better in the morning, or you're sick all night I'd go in and get it checked out to make sure it's nothing serious and you're not getting dehydrated. Can you keep clear liquids down?
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I can't. Been drinking water and I throw it right back up. I switched to ice chips and that seems to be helping better than water. I also ate a few salty chips and I am starting to feel a little better hopefully I don't throw up again.
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Ice chips will work as well. A friend of mine has lived on those during her pregnancies and swears by it when you're sick. Wait a few hours and try taking a few small sips of water and see if it stays down and just keep that pattern up. If you vomit, wait a few hours and try again. If it is a virus it's for the most part short lived. My FIL's lasted about a day and my husband (who got it from spegettios and meatballs or hotdogs) had it f
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For a day as well - dang phone and it's touchy keyboard.
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Lol. Mines the same way, I hate it. Thanks for the advice.
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