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weeks/cycle/ am i father?

hello, i am currently waiting for results of DNA testing for my possible daughter who is 11 MO old now. I am possitive on the date she was conceived if i am the father.. date would be FEB 15th conceived and the baby was born on DEC 7th. It is 42 weeks if you do the math. The baby was born almost 6 lbs and the mother says she was 38 weeks out of 40 when she had the baby. I am thinking maybe the pregnancy had a slow start or took longer bc the baby was born smaller? and I know the mother did smoke during the pregnancy so this may be the reason for the under weight. any help would be greatly appreciated as i am stressed and can not wait to find out if she is my child which I hope she is
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It doesn't look good.  If you conceived on Feb. 15th, the estimated date of arrival (at 40 weeks) is November 22nd (or somewhere around there).  If she was 38 out of 40 weeks then she probably conceived about a month after that - so sometime around the middle of March.

I sure hope you get the answer you are looking for, but my guess is (based on the info that you provided), is that she is not your little girl... sorry.
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I also posted this on the 35+ forum but wanted to add that the site I used for the calculator was Babycenter .com.  It said due date would be around November 8 for that date of conception :o(

My other post:
Hmm... I don't want to be negative, but I was just doing the math in my head and that didn't seem right (my baby was conceived around April 1st and I am due December 23rd...).  So I checked an online due date calculator and it seems that if you are certain about the conception date that the due date should have been a month earlier (weks of pregnancy are counted from the date of the last period, not the conception date.  My LMP was March 18, so I am almost 33 week pg).  Sometimes women don't ovulate the day of intercourse, so conception could be off by a few days, and occasionally pregnancies do go to 42 weeks, and smoking can indeed cause low birth weight... but that still looks like she would have been 44 weeks at birth if I am seeing this right... and that seems kinda unlikely.  I hope for your sake that I am wrong or the dates may be off.  We see a lot of men on the forum that ask these questions hoping the baby is NOT theirs, so it is wonderful to see someone who wants it to be positive.  Either way, if she is part of your life now, I hope even if the test comes back that she isn't yours biologically, that you can still be part of her life.  Everyone deserves as many people who love them around as possible!
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Well it depends on the first day of her last period since  you said you had sex on feb 15  that would mean her period started aprox Feb 1.  Now if she has a 28 day cycle and she ovulated on Feb 15 her due date would be Nov 8.!!  Which means  she got preggo the month following.  She must have had  another period Mar 2 and ovulated on Mar 16 give or take a few days which would bring her due date to Dec 7.   Pregnancy calenders dont work like a reg calender - it depends on what day you O and how long your cycle is.  So if you did not have sex around Mar 15 you're not  the father
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ya she isnt so sure either its long shot i know but u never know i guess.. yea she would be the joy of my life and its kind of sticky situation bc i was with her for 3 years split for 2 met up w/ her one night and then a few weeks later she was pregnant. she was with someone else a few weeks later that would have matched up better in weeks/ cycle but testing came back that he was not the father and i dont want to say there could not be a 3rd so i am still waiting
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Sorry, the wait must be torture :o(  How long until you get the results?
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I have to applaud you for wanting to be the father for this little girl. You so often hear the opposite story... where parents are looking for way out of their responsibility. I hope it turns out in your favor. It does sound unlikely based on the timing. Are you with the Mother now? Would you consider adopting the girl even if the DNA test shows she is not yours? I would hate for any child to miss out on the opportunity of a loving parent.

Best wishes!
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