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weight gain

hey there. so i have a problem/question. i am almost 11 weeks pregnant. im guessing that my normal weight before i got pregnant was about 150. that has been my highest ever. had a check up thursday and i was up 27lbs. i told them that i am not happy with my weight and i dont know how i gained that much when i exercise, eat healthy, and my appetite has gotten smaller ever since i got pregnant. they said its prolly all just water weight and after the baby is born it will most likely go away. is this normal? i know my mom said she gained 30lbs the first month for my brother. and some ppl i know say they gain like 50 or so and doctors cant tell you what amount you need to gain and everything. all i know is i dont really feel pregnant even though my stomach is as hard as a rock i just feel really really fat and i dont like it. someone please give me some advice or past experience you have had. thankyou so much!
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It may be water weight. I gained 60lbs during my pregnancy. Most of it at the beginning and the end. I was retaining alot of water so i was gaining weight like crazy! Just stay away from salty foods, do lots of walking or lots of sex or both lol. When i was pregnant i didnt want to be touched, so sex was very very limited, but everyone else says to have sex lol. My sister gained 50-60lbs with her first 2 pregnancies and with her 3rd she only gained 20lbs. So it varies.
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To gain 27 pounds in only 11 weeks is unhealthy. You should gain that during the span of the entire pregnancy. Based on your weight (which depending on your height) you would be classified as overweight. (I know I'm personally 5'2 and pre-pregnancy I was 147 and was overweight) If you were a normal healthy weight before pregnancy, you would gain 25-35 pounds. Overweight you would gain 15-20 pounds. Underweight would be 35-40 pounds. You should NOT however skip meals. Pregnancy is not a time to be conscious of weight--though many women are for whatever reasons. You will gain, it's just a matter of how much. Eat when you're hungry, and just make sure it's healthy. Don't cut out salt completely, but keep a balance between the two. Drink lots of water, and keep active.
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By the time i hit 12 weeks i had gained close to 20lbs! It was water weight. I eventually evened out with the weight. Losing a couple lbs, gaining a couple lbs. By the end of my pregnancy i had gained a total of 42lbs. I dont believe in the weight gain chart on how much you should gain or shouldnt gain. When i was pregnant i had ALOT of cravings...sometimes to the point of tears if i didnt get it. I agree you should try and stay away from really salty foods, its ok to have some sodium though. My doctor never got on me about how much weight i shouldve gained or shouldnt have gained. As long as the baby is healthy, thats all that really matter. Talk to your Dr. about this weight gain! Do plenty of walking, you can even work out, just not anything that involves tummy workouts and nothing hardcore!
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I personally lost weight at the begining due to MS . Not much it was about 4 pounds but I am now 23 weeks and have gained 12 so far. My pre pregnancy weight was 120 I am now at 132 I think I'm more now though cus last time I checked my weight was almost three weeks ago. Everyone is different tho. But like CLYSTA said " eat when your hungry"
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