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weight gain...

I have a nutrition appt today. I'm 35 and 4 days and have gained 28 lbs. My midwife said its to much???!!! It doesn't sound like to much to me?! I'm 5'10 and as of now weigh 189. I was 161 when I got pregnant. If I put on my normal jeans they go right up! Not over my belly but over my legs, hips and booty!! The only thing that has gotten bigger is my belly and breasts. Does anyone think almost 30 lbs gained is to much at about 36 weeks??
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I think you are fine... the only thing that ***** is its just more for you to lose after lol I went from 180 to 280 with my son and I lost it all and then some just took me 3 years and now im pregnant again lol so far im 28 weeks and only up 20lbs so I doesnt matter.
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I don't think so at all. I gained 50 lbs w my first which is a lot but they never said anything and I lost it right away. This time they said I haven't gained enough and started making weight goals. But that sounds really normal to me. It's odd they r having u see a nutritionist for only that much
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That is odd; I also gained 50 pounds with my first, and they never said anything.
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Thank you! W my first I gained 90. Oops! My second I gained 24. Both babies weighed 8 lbs well my second was 8.5 and my placenta weighed 8 lbs!!! I lost 16 pounds in a few hours lol. Biggest placenta Dr said he ever saw! I'm just mad cause I suffer body dismorphia. I'm like oprah! I gain and lose constantly. And always feel fat even when I was 120 at 5'10!
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it depends on your condition.. do you have any other problem such as gestational diabetes, pre eclampsia, high blood pressure.. etc??... if you have any serious condition then they do tend to make sure that weights stays fine.. other than that i dont think its something to worry about because i was 138 pre pregnancy and now i m 35wks and already gained about 35-36lb..
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Nope no problems except I'm anemic. Midwife sd more red meats and eggs and greens. Well I'm not big on meat and eggs so I go green. Spinich on everything!!! I eat really healthy! No juice or soda. All water or crystal light. Veggies, fruit and while grains. My biggest craving is jalapenos!!! Not an unhealthy craving at all!! Not covered in cheese either. My appt is in two hours and they won't be pleased w my additude when I go in. I'm a grown women, 30. My body my choices! So angry. I'm already ashamed of my body this doesn't help!
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That doesn't sound like there would be anything wrong with your weight gain... I was 160 lbs before I got pregnant with my first and was 210 lbs when I had her... They never said anything to me about it.. I wouldn't be very happy if they would have! As long as your health and babys health is fine it shouldn't be a big deal! And losing weight should be the last thing on a pregnant woman's mind! Good luck honey!
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thank you all!!! If I end up feeling worse about myself cause of this my midwife is getting a pissed off preggo at my next appt! Hell she will be anyway now. I'm mad!
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I'm 30+2 and only gained 17lbs which is shocking the way I eat
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But with my first I gained a good 50/60lbs that's when I barely ate idk what's up with that. But for you being almost 36 weeks that's not that of weight gain. At least your eating and baby is growing that's what matters and as long as your health isn't at risk which I don't think anythings wrong. Good luck
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I gained at least 50lbs with all 3 of my baby's and my dr never said squat to me. Like you said, you eat healthy with no junk food, I wouldn't worry about it. I think it would be a different story if you ate McDonald's every day. Just go to your appointment, take what they give to you, but keep doing what you are doing!!!! I wish I only gained 28lbs with my boys!!!
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I'm 36 weeks today & I started off 154 now im 191 & I'm scared to get any bigger I'm 5'7 ..&  nothing but belly and boobs also my doctor said its normal to gain 2 pounds a week & most of my weight comes from me bring tall so dnt worry I also got an appointment today &i be so scared to look at the scale but I just think of it as my baby is growing so I don't stress it :)
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i am at 28 weeks and at 26weeks i was up 16lbs
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Well the nutritionist was a little baffled as to why I was sent to her. I don't have high bp or gestational diabeties. She sd I was fine but maybe more calcium in my diet. I have had two kids and both weighed 8 lbs. I'm still mad I even had to waste my time!!
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