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hi!i was just wondering if anyoneout there was still overweight from having their first baby when falling pregnant with my 2nd!its really getting me down as i put on loads of weight with my 1st due to the fact he was so big i had to eat more than normal just to stop myself from fainting from the speed he was taking the energy from my food!although my stomach is getting smaller and my legs and everything else my weight isnt going down at all and it wasnt going down b4 i got pregnant either!my mother in law and a few other people are saying its because its turning to muscle which is making me stay the same weight!im really worried that im gonna get a bollocking at my 1st appointment when they weigh me cz im so overweight!the scales fluctuate from 15 1/2 stone to 17 1/2depending which scales i use(its wiered i know) and my ideal weight is 11 stone!however i only look like i weigh about 13 stone so im not huge!my breasts are huge(36H-36J depending on the make of the bra) and i stopped breast feeding about 3 weeks ago but am still lactating!cld the size of my breasts be making my weight higher than it actually is and is the milk making my weight fluctuate as my breasts fill up and empty slightly!any ideas on what u think would be great as well as any support but please no comments about how overweight i am and how i shouldhave lost all the weight b4 getting preggers as its really getting me down and i dont need anyone to make me feel worse!thank you
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I'm still carrying around "leftovers" from all of my previous pregnancies.  I figure i'll just wait til I have this last one then worry about it LOL :)  
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Im still currently 145-150lbs............. i used to be 128lb at my first "preggo" apt...... im upset about it as well..... i used to be a size 3.... now currently at a size 7/8..... my problem spot is the belly..... :( my stomache was humungus!!! and the reason for gaining so much was preeclampsia......... wish i never have it again...... so many of us are bigger then we used to be......  :( sad but true. im hoping to lose at least 20lbs for this summer...... dont know where to start, but i think with me starting work, maybe ill get more active..... hopefully.....
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LOL I got pregnant when my youngest was 9 months old..i still had 20 lbs to lose..i only just got ten more on sence the beginning of my pregnancy!!! So now im currently 30 pounds past my NORMAL weight!  
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thank you everyone!its so nice to hear im not alone!so many people i know have had small babys and not put any weight on and are just as skinny as before which gets me down!i feel so bad even though all my visible fat is going just cz my actual weight isnt going down!i know i shouldnt rely totally on my weight cz my boobs probably weigh a stone or so each adding to my weight but it does!anywho tis so nice to hear such positive feedback that im not alone!thank you all x

LosingMyMindInGA-thats what i thought i would do!we always knew we would have two really close together so i thought whats the point in losing all that weight just to put it back on so soon after!lol!

julianovak-thanks for letting me know ur in the same boat too!gd luck with losing the weight!i started losing my belly faster after going back to work!

Rosa20-my 1st is 10 months old!tis nice to know ur in the same boat as me!i dont feel so bad and alone now!lol!
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I actually didn't gain a lot of weight from my daughter (in fact I lost a few lbs after all was said and done in the delivery room from prepregnancy weight) BUT...I was just recovered from a miscarriage after which I gained about 35lbs. so i never lost that before I got pregnant with my daughter....and then I had her, still holding onto the extra weight...and then I lost it and then some, went on a beta-blocker and gained it all back within a month ( after a lot of hard work damnit) and now i'm pregnant again...I'm planning to drop it all once my son is born though. I'm not going to my 10-year high school reunion fat LOL. but no you're not alone I'm TECHNICALLY still holding onto baby weight from the miscarriage.

my dd is 16 months old btw :)
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ooh that was lucky with ur daughter!lol!im sorry to hear about ur mc!im still losing weight now as this pregnancy is stopping me from physically eating much!well when i say weight like i said before im losing my belly etc... but not actually any weight!lol!im planning on trying to lose it after this baby as i dont wanna do anything now cz i dont want 2 hurt the baby and also a few months ago i went on a diet and lost 9lb in 3 weeks but it was too hard to contonue as i knew we were gonna start trying again soon and i dint wanna lose it all to put it all back on!lol!its to disheartening!lol!so nice to know im not alone tho!thank u x
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with ds 1 I gained 60 lbs.  By the time I got pregnant a year and a half later I had only lost about 10 lbs.  I freaked out because I was terrified that I was going to put on another 60 lbs and not get any of it off.  I only gained 35 lbs with this one and lost every last bit of it by 5 weeks post partum.  I would just make sure you are eating well through out your pregnancy and work hard when baby is born.  also if you were breastfeeding some people hold the weight on.  you may see a large decrease in the upcoming weeks.  good luck!
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hi!thank you very much!im eating as well as i can considering im struggling to eat!lol!like i said before im losing the visble fat from everywhere but my weight isnt going down!lol!i breastfed my first baby!i couldnt really get out of bed for two weeks after giving birth cz my iron level was under half of that needed for mr to function properly so it took ages for me to get up and about even after thjose two weeks which meant i put on more weight unfortunately!thank u again though and hopefully il have a little more luck with this one!lol!
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