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what are my chances getting pregnant with one fallopian tube and pcos

i have been trying to get pregnant now for about 8 months I found out that i have PCOS, i started off taking clomid then had a HSG test done everything came back normal no blockage then i started taking Femera got pregnant ended up in a chemical pregnancy miscarriage. The very next month i got pregnant again but it ended up being an eptopic pregnancy. this broke my heart, 2 days ago they did an emergency lapascopy surgery which ended up with them removing my left fallopian tube. I still have both my overies and my right fallopian tube what do you think my chances of concieving will be only having one falopian tube and pcos. My periods were never very normal and as you know i already had a little bit of trouble getting pregnant in the first place. I am very stressed out and nervous i am wanting a baby so badly but now i am scared it will never happen
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you can try taking this quiz.. its gives more or less precise answer: http://www.babyzone.com/pregnancy/am_i_pregnant/quiz/am-i-pregnant
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hi.. sorry by mistake i posted that link... though i have heard that you can get pregnant with one fallopian tube as well.. if you get IVF done, then its really easy.. Also, keeping chemical pregnancy in mind, i think they will transfer many embroys so that atleast one/ couple of them survive..PCOS is never a problem , its more of hype created by doctor..
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I also have pcos.  I became pregnant with my first child without any trouble.  The 2nd time around we went through 3.5yrs of fertility treatments before I finally got pregnant.  My 3rd pregnancy ended in a miscarriage in the fall.  I'm pregnant again and so far, so good.  I definitely recommend seeing a reproductive endocrinologist.  I'm sure they'll be able to help you but with the 1 tube and pcos, you might need more intervention such as IVF.  Good luck!!!
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I dont really know too much about PCOS but i do only have 1 tube (my left) My Doctor told me a "normal" lady with no fertlity probs only has a 10% chance of conceiving in any one cycle therefore our chances are halfed, Iv just been put on Clomid as i have very erratic cycles so my doc thinks it may help regulate my ovulating.
I honestly wouldnt worry about it i was told 4years ago i would never conceive naturally- I am yet to have a live birth but conceived naturally 4 times so im proving them wrong!!
I have been reffered for IVF and because of my age (25) i can only have 1 embrio transfered at a time unless only 2 fertilises then i have a choice, i dont know how it is where you live but im in the UK and as i only have 1 tube i qualify for 2 cycles on the NHS, I am yet to go for it as i have to have 3 cycles after my miscarriage in Nov and have only had 1 so were giving Clomid a go in the meantime.

The whole point to my story is never give up!!!

My younger sister has PCOS and she takes metformin as it regulates her period. (just thought that mite be useful)

Good luck and i wish you all the best.
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Also, PCOS isn't "hype".  It doesn't just affect fertility, it raises risks for other health issues such as diabetes and high blood pressure.  It's good to have a diagnosis that way your health can be monitored apropriately.
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My friend lost one of her tubes from an ectopic pregnancy and her doctor said she had an equal chance as someone with two.  Besides the fallopian tubes aren't actually connected to the ovary so it had something to do with that.  She said it would find it's way to the tube.
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I am in US and 30 right now and gone though IVF due to male factor. They transferred 2 embryos out of 11 which fertilized, seeing everything was perfect with me .
Yeah you are right, with Metformin , periods become normal.. when i was 19, i was diagnosed with PCOS- and my Doc prescribed me Metformin and my periods problem got over, i ovulated perfectly okay.. I did not suffer from any type of Blood pressure problems/ diabetes etc.. for me it has been just a Hype as when i researched i found out, many women suffer from it and it can develop any point of time esp when you are having stress, as well, but with Taking Metformin and birth control, you can overcome issues of multiple ovaries.
Explore all your options such as ICSI, IVF and  IUI.. an apoointment with Infertility doctor will really help.. Good Luck
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Im the same- I have PCOS and blocked fallopian tubes.. got an appt on 15th september to have a camera look in my tubes, I think think this is called 'laprascopy'.. been TTC with my partner for 6 years with no pregnancy :( please help! :'( xxx
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I don't have PCOS but I do only have one fallopian tube due to an ectopic pregnancy. I have been able to conceive twice since the removal and both pregnancies have been successful. I'm 27 weeks with my 3rd daughter. Good luck!
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